Attain Your Dream Physique With 54D

Earn retail profits and 25 BV per month as your customers get fit!

Get in shape, lose weight and improve your overall health and wellness with 54D ON, a revolutionary online program designed to help individuals achieve their fitness goals in only 54 days. Access expert guidance, support and resources to help you reach your fitness goals faster than ever before.

What the 54D ON program offers:

  • A comprehensive, customized fitness plan that guides you through workouts, nutritional instruction and other resources that combat your struggles and bring you to your goals.
  • Expert trainers to lead your workouts and provide feedback and support every step of the way.
  • Community support with others working toward similar fitness objectives.
  • A variety of online workouts designed to be effective and help you build strength and endurance.
  • A customized nutrition plan tailored to your needs, including recipes, meal plans and tips for healthier living and eating.
  • Progress tracking tools that help monitor your progress, keep you motivated and celebrate your successes.

With expert guidance, customized plans and online workouts, 54D will have you well on your way to achieving your goals in just 54 days!

54D ON
UC: CAN$115.11 | SR: CAN$135.36 | BV: 25 per month

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Alex Tauras

Alex Tauras


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