Attend a Special UBP for #MAIC2021 Ticket Holders and Prospects

Before the historic Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM 2021 International Convention (#MAIC2021), we’re kicking things off with a special UnFranchise Business Presentation on Wednesday, Aug. 25 at 7 p.m. EDT. The UBP will be hosted by our Founder, Chairman & CEO, JR Ridinger, and Vice President Andrew Weissman.

All #MAIC2021 ticket holders and their prospects will have the exclusive opportunity to attend this powerful presentation live at the Greensboro Coliseum or online via Swapcard. Don’t Miss This!

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Join JR and Andrew to provide your prospects with an impactful introduction to Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM and the UnFranchise Business prior to the International Convention. It’s a perfect way to expose them to the company’s exclusive products, technologies, and business model using the evaluation approach to determine if they qualify for the business and lead to the right people.

You’ll also gain invaluable knowledge, insight, and business-building guidance that you can apply in your entrepreneurial journey as you continue to grow your UnFranchise Business.

“Anybody who is sincere and serious about enhancing their quality of life or improving their standard of living can create a supplemental income by simply following this business plan.” – Andrew Weissman*

“(The UnFranchise Business) is better in many ways than a franchise could ever be … You just follow the system, it all works.” – JR Ridinger

Please note: The Special UBP will be available online in both English and Mandarin for those who cannot attend in person. All #MAIC2021 ticket holders are automatically registered for the Special UBP and will be receiving a unique registration link specifically to share with prospects so they can register for the Special UBP.

Get #MAIC2021 Tickets Today

Countdown to #MAIC2021:

Three Weeks to #MAIC2021 with Andrew Weissman, Elizabeth Weber-Walliser, and Brett Portelli

Four Weeks to #MAIC2021 with Dennis Franks, Tammy Hu, Michelle Ferguson, Pamela Valentine, Emily Pennito, and Maria and Giorgio Simonetta

Five Weeks to #MAIC2021 with Jim Winkler, Chele Boe, and Trina White

Six Weeks to #MAIC with Kevin Buckman, Frank Chang, and Wendy Huang

Seven Weeks to #MAIC2021 with Andrew Weissman, Cullen Haskins, and Pip and Beth Black

Eight Weeks to #MAIC2021 with Andrew Chee, Benson Chen, and Ke Zhu

* Earnings depicted are atypical and the success of any UnFranchise® Owner will depend upon the amount of hard work, talent, and dedication which he or she devotes to building his or her Market America business. For typical earnings, see

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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