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Here’s How to Avoid the Holiday Food Hangover

The holidays are here and with them comes the heaping helpings of the year’s most indulgent foods. But avoiding the holiday food hangover doesn’t have to be difficult! You may be surprised at how these small decisions can keep you from overdoing it.

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Don’t Save Your Calories

Some like to skip breakfast, cut back on lunch, or even restrict the foods they eat in the days leading up to the festivities in an attempt to save calories. But, you know how we say not to go to the grocery store on an empty stomach? The same applies to holiday parties & Thanksgiving dinner!

This not only puts you in a mindset of “might as well go all-in”, it also puts your body in a position where its only focus is refueling on energy-dense foods! Remember, your body doesn’t know the difference between you cutting back on calories and famine.

Instead of going “all-in” and ending up with a holiday food hangover, go about your day like you normally would & stick to your healthy habits. If your celebration is at an odd time of day, stash a TLS® Whey Protein Shake so that, when mealtime does roll around, you’re more able to make choices that make both your body & your brain feel good!

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Eat What You Love – Mindfully

We are not about restriction or cutting out the foods that you love! Especially around the holidays, there are so many foods and even more reasons we choose to eat them. Sometimes it’s because they taste good, other times it’s because it feels good for sentimental or emotional reasons! Both are totally valid reasons to indulge.

So, when faced with a spread of tantalizing goods, how do you navigate it without ending up on the couch for 3 hours?

  • Decide what you really want, and eliminate what you can have other times during the year.
  • If you want 3-4 desserts, be mindful of how full you are and choose your serving size accordingly.
  • Opt for desserts that align a little closer to your goals, like choosing pumpkin pie over the triple-layered chocolate cake

The key to avoiding the holiday hangover here is to be mindful of what sounds good to you physically & emotionally. Sometimes grandma’s cherry pie brings back too many memories to pass it up, and that’s fine!  Just be sure you’re not ignoring your fullness cues or eating so much sugar that your stomach feels upset.

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Take It Outside

The fun, we mean! Football, tag, kickball, or even a family walk are great ways to stay active during the holidays. More importantly, it’s a great way to take the focus off of the food & where it belongs: connecting with the people you love.

Important: This exercise, no matter what you choose, is not a punishment for what you ate. Move your body in a way that feels good & enjoy the benefits that come with that movement such as improved digestion, the endorphin rush, and a great energy boost!

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Supplement If You Need To

Some of us, no matter how hard we try, have more trouble listening to hunger/fullness cues or can’t seem to find the off switch once we start eating sugary things.

It’s okay – it’s not a failure on your part!

We all need a little support sometimes, and that’s exactly where your TLS® supplements come in. Here are a few that might come in handy this holiday season:


wellmune for summer

It doesn’t have to be complicated! Just make sure you’re sticking to healthy habits without putting yourself in a lose-lose situation. Don’t restrict your calories or go in with a “might as well go all-in” attitude. Make the holidays enjoyable for you, for your stomach, and for your goals!

wellmune for summer

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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