Back Your Immune System With VivoQuin

VivoQuin™ and vitality go hand in hand. To wrap up our ICON 2023 Main Stage Product Showcase, we’re emphasizing a product that’s especially important for supporting your immune health.

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Immune system warrior

To understand the effectiveness of VivoQuin, let’s examine the key ingredients, starting with VivoMega™*. It’s your ultimate source of highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil, sourced from Norway where world-class oxidation parameters and advanced thin-film technology ensure a product with an exceptional taste and smell. VivoMega offers pure and precise amounts of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which have been extensively researched and shown to support the immune system. These omega-3 fatty acids are the building blocks of our cell membranes, playing a crucial role in promoting immune cell functions. EPA and DHA also act as key players in assisting the body’s immune and metabolic responses, promoting a balanced system. Furthermore, these omega-3s are known to help aid the normal function of white blood cells.

Another ingredient, ThymoQuin™, comes from black cumin seed extract oil. According to experts at Natural Grocers, “[Black cumin seed oil is] a powerful immune modulator, keeping the immune system in balance. When combined with VivoMega fish oil, it [supports] your body’s healthy immune cell activity, providing a unique way to [promote] balanced immune responses.”

What VivoQuin supports

  • Immune Health: Omega-3 fatty acids in triglyceride form have been shown to support a healthy immune response because they play a role in the tissues that attract immune cells and help keep them balanced.
  • Respiratory Health: Recent evidence indicates that omega-3s help maintain the health of immune cell membranes that support receptors, enzymes and cytokines in the body.

Through a formidable combination of VivoMega and ThymoQuin, VivoQuin helps equip your immune system to function at its best.

*VivoMega™ is a trademark of GC Rieber.
ThymoQuin™ is a trademark of TriNutra Ltd.

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Rea Grim

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