Beauty from Within with OPC-3

It’s been known that makeup and skincare can elevate the way you look, however, what about the way you feel from the inside? Looking good has never been more trendy or popular than it is right now. With the hype of social media, everyone is looking for new and improved ways to feel good about themselves.

Confidence and beauty exude from the inside out, so how can you look and feel good at the same time without adding too many extra steps to your beauty routine?

Let’s Talk About Pycnogenol

Pycnogenol is a natural plant extract from the bark of the maritime pine tree (Pinus pinaster), which grows exclusively along the coast of southwest France in Les Landes de Gascogne. It is one of the most researched ingredients in the natural product marketplace and is the most potent bioflavonoid.

The Pycnogenol extract has four basic properties:

  • it’s a powerful antioxidant
  • selectively binds to collagen and elastin
  • promotes the normal production of endothelial nitric oxide which promotes the normal dilation of dilate blood vessels

So what does Pycnogenol have anything to do with skincare?

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Free Radicals

To unveil that question, we need to talk about free radicals and how it affects our skin.

Simply put, free radicals can damage the skin by trying to steal extra electron from the atoms in our skin. When atoms go missing from the molecules in the skin, damage can occur to our skin’s DNA and can speed up the aging process.

Some popular free radical triggers include:

  • smoking
  • pollution
  • toxins from unhealthy food
  • sun’s UV rays

OPC-3’s Role in Skincare

Isotonix OPC-3 is your super antioxidant! It includes a unique combination of five bioflavonoids, one of which is Pycnogenol. OPC-3 also includes grape seed and bilberry extracts which are powerful antioxidants.

To fight free radicals, we need a strong antioxidant. Taking OPC-3 every morning on an empty stomach can help fight off those everyday free radicals that can affect the way we feel inside. And who doesn’t want to feel good inside?

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Veronica Nguyen

Veronica Nguyen


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