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Beauty Product Pairings Your Customers Will Love

Help others maximize the use of their makeup products with these 5 beauty product pairing ideas!

Flawless Face Stick Foundation + Dual Blending Sponge

The Dual Blending Sponge is an all-in-one makeup tool that puts the power of streak-free, airbrushed quality makeup into the palm of your hands. Pair it with the Flawless Face Stick Foundations to achieve a blended and flawless finish. Right now, this blending sponge is on special on and Motives Field Consultant, Leigh Raeder recommends stocking up to gift to future customers as a free gift with purchase. Can you say customer experience?!


Eye Lash Curler + Mascara

The Motives mascara formula line up is incredible but we could all use a little extra curl with the help of the Motives Eye Lash Curler. Recommend these two match-made products next time your customer needs a refill on their favorite Motives mascara.

Contour + Highlight


What is contour without highlight?! Sculpt the face with the Shape Up Contour Palette and add the perfect pop of glow with the That Glow Tho Highlighter Palette. Though these two products pair so well together but we’d say adding in the Get Cheeky Blush Palette makes this the perfect trifecta.

Primer + Setting Spray

Explain the importance of proper preparation of the skin and setting the look properly to help your customers with the longevity of their makeup.  This dynamic duo of the Motives 10 Years Younger Setting Spray and Complexion Perfection Face Primer sets them up for foundation success. Maintenance is key whether it’s before and after the application of foundation!

Lip Liner + Lipstick

You might have guessed this one. Line those lips to perfection with the Motives Lip Crayons and apply the Motives Liquid Lipsticks, Cream Lipsticks or Liquid Lip Glazes for a color-filled finish. Right now you and your customers can even try on Motives Lip Crayons with the Virtual Try Me tool. You can also recommend this perfect pairing in the form of the Motives Lip Kit if someone has any upcoming birthdays  or holidays they need to gift for.


Whichever product pairings you recommend, we’re sure your customers will be so thankful they purchased both!

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Jacqueline Garcia-Casals

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals