Brand Building: Layered + Art Basel

An exclusive brand activation event for Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin’s jewelry line, Layered, was held on Superyacht Utopia IV during Miami’s Art Basel.  Serena Williams, Sai de Silvia, Isabella Grutman, Paola Alberdi, Nicole Tuck, and Geo Burke were among some of the events’ celebrity influencers, muses and attendees.

To celebrate the Layered jewelry line, attendees received a manicure complete with nail art and the option to have their ears pierced.  In honor of Layered’s new Zodiac collection of pendant necklaces, tarot card readings and aura readings were available for guests to explore.

This year’s Art Basel Soiree was a tremendously successful branding opportunity for Layered and serves as a great media hit for UnFranchise Owners to share when discussing our brands and business with prospective partners and customers!

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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