Breaking News: Express Pay Now Live On SHOP.COM

The overall shopping experience on SHOP.COM continues to improve in major ways. What’s so great about SHOP.COM is that it’s always adapting to become an even more user friendly and productive online retail site. There’s a reason why SHOP.COM was voted the best online retailer on!

The future of SHOP.COM was a huge presentation at MAIC2017 with Marc Ashley, Eddie Alberty, and Steve Ashley. You can watch the presentation below.


In fact, one of the newest features to SHOP.COM has just gone live. It is called the Express Pay. Express Pay is a feature that allows you to establish default Express Pay shipping and billing options at checkout in order to streamline the process. Now, the SHOP.COM checkout process is more efficient and will save you time with Express Pay.

To set up Express Pay, go to SHOP.COM and click on the “My Account” section. Simply select “Default/Express Pay Settings” under Personal Settings. From there, add or select default billing and shipping information to enable Express Pay. After this is completed, Express Pay will show up as a checkout option on all of SHOP.COM’s OneCart product pages.

The goal of Express Pay is to make the checkout process even simpler and faster than before! Take advantage of this new option at checkout and fund your Shopping Annuity!

To set up Express Pay, click here!





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