Building Your Business During the Holidays

Have you thought about how to grow your business during the holidays? As we’re a family company, we want you to thoroughly enjoy the holidays with your friends and family, but that doesn’t mean your business has to sit on the backburner. In fact, the holidays and the Shopping Annuity go hand in hand! Everyone you know is buying gifts, decorating their homes, visiting relatives, etc. There are golden opportunities to fund your Shopping Annuity, build your business, and spread holiday cheer all at the same time. We have a few tips for you to continue to build your business without it cutting into your holiday festivities and family time. Read on for tips to help you build your business throughout the holiday season. 

SHOP Local:  The holidays are a perfect excuse for you to utilize SHOP Local as a means to show how easy the Shopping Annuity is! Do you have a yearly get-together with your friends for the holidays or host an annual luncheon? This year, plan your outing at a SHOP Local spot in your area! Not only will you earn Cashback on your purchase, it’s a chance to show everyone how simple it is to convert your spending into earning!

Host a Party: Did you know that you can have online or home Motives Cosmetics parties? Before everyone gets too busy during the holidays (late November-early December), host a Motives party and raffle off a chance for guests that make a purchase to earn the hostess rewards. Not only does this introduce Motives to new potential customers, you can help the attendees find the perfect stocking stuffers and holiday gifts.

House Guests: If you’re having guests visit your home throughout the holiday season, make sure to have Market America products in every room! Stock your bathroom with Royal Spa and Fixx products, clean your home with the SNAP Essentials Kit and have products readily available for quick cleanup, offer Marley Coffee and Mochatonix, etc. If you have the products in your home, your visitors are sure to fall in love with them creating new customers!

Shopping Annuity: Of course, there is no easier way to build your business during the holiday season like funding your Shopping Annuity. With all of the names on your holiday list, SHOP.COM is your one-stop spot for the best deals to convert your spending into earning. Keep an eye on SHOP.COM’s Facebook page throughout the holidays for daily partner store deals, Triple Cashback, and various promotions.

Be a Personal Shopper: Offer to help friends and family with their holiday shopping to find the best deals. The holidays are the perfect opportunity to show the many features of SHOP.COM such as Cashback, ShopBuddy, Express Pay, MyList, in-store pickup, etc. Don’t forget to share your favorite deals and purchases on social media!

What other holiday business building tips would you add? Share with us in the comments below. 

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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