Building Your Business With MeetON

Have you heard? MeetON is turning one next month! Since its debut last summer, MeetON has quickly become an essential tool for UnFranchise® Owners. Whether you like to catch live stream events or watch educational videos featuring your favorite Isotonix® products, MeetON is a great way to build your knowledge and belief in the business while networking with other UnFranchise® Owners!

What does MeetON give you that you can’t get anywhere else?
As a MeetON user, you have exclusive access to content that matters to YOU and your business. Let’s say you’re winding down for the day and feel like you haven’t done enough result-producing activities to meet your daily quota. Instead of going to bed feeling unaccomplished, log on to MeetON and spend a half an hour watching a roundtable discussion about result-producing activities featuring the executive sales team!

In addition to putting business-building content right at your fingertips, MeetON is a great way to connect with other UnFranchise® Owners and watch videos they upload about their business, local events, or team-building activities. You have the ability to add MeetON users as friends, communicate via public or private messages, and use the site to build both your personal and professional network.

Meet your team on MeetON!
Many of you have private Facebook groups for your teams where you share words of encouragement, post info about upcoming events, or ask for support or advice on an issue you’re dealing with. While we do not advocate that you shut down your Facebook groups and only use MeetON (each social network has its own unique purpose, after all!), think of MeetON as an extension of your groups. Use MeetON to share videos with your team members, broadcast an in-home event, or even hold informal training sessions via a Live Meet.

Meet UP to watch MeetON!
MeetON is a great tool to help get your team together – on and offline! For example, if there’s a Live Meet your team would benefit from watching, why not invite everyone to your house to watch it together? Provide some munchies for your team so they don’t get hungry. Once the Meet is over, allow for 20-30 minutes of discussion so your team members can ask questions, talk about how they plan on retailing the product or service that was presented in the Meet, or brainstorm ways to use what they learned to build their business. And don’t forget: most (but not all) of the Live Meets are uploaded to the site so you can watch them later. If your team members are unable to watch the Meet when it airs, schedule a time to get together later in the week and watch it then. Keep in mind that it can take 24-48 to process the videos and upload them to the site. If you’re waiting for a video from a Live Meet to be uploaded, simply keep an eye on “Latest MeetON Demand Videos” on the bottom of our homepage.

Channels to watch
If you’re not sure which channels to watch on MeetON, here’s a few that we suggest checking out.

NMTSS Training
Feel like building your knowledge and belief? Of course you do! Check out this channel to watch pre-recorded videos from regional events, roundtable discussions with our executive sales team, and more.

SHOP.COM Marketplace
Watch SHOP.COM Marketplace to find out about updated site features, new partner stores, and hot deals. Brush up on your SHOP.COM skills by watching a video that shows you how to use important site features like eGifts, gift registry and OneCart.

Health and Nutrition
Check out the Health and Nutrition channel to learn about important factors that influence your health and wellness, and watch educational videos and live meets about products like Isotonix®, Complete Greens®, and more!

Beauty Channel
If you’re a Motives® Beauty Advisor, or simply looking for new makeup tips and tricks, don’t miss the tutorials and helpful training videos available on the Beauty Channel!

TLS® Weight Loss Solution
The TLS Weight Loss Solution channel is a great place to find information about TLS® products, learn about common health problems, and get tips like how to maximize your workout. 

There’s always something happening on the nutraMetrix channel! If you’re a nutraMetrix Health Professional, don’t miss the reoccurring features like Marketing Monday or nutraMetrix Viewpoints, which features a different Health Professional every week!

Now it’s your turn: tell us by posting in the comments below how YOU use MeetON to build your business! 

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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