Business Building: GMTSS Events (3.15 – 3.21)

With each week comes new opportunities to build and grow your business by leveraging our GMTSS system – and as you can see below we have a huge lineup of upcoming events! I’ve listed below the GMTSS events next week for the U.S., but you can find information about events in other markets within your UnFranchise account.

These events help serve as the backbone of your growth and development as an UnFranchise Owner, and provide everyone with crucial stepping stones to success. Be sure to share this information with your team so everyone can utilize these upcoming GMTSS events!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

Meeting IDMeeting TypeDateCityStateLanguagesSpeakerHost Name
#226594General Product Training (GPT)03/15/2019Friday 07:00pm – 10:00pmAshevilleNCEnglish MILLER-IHLI, NANCY J & KEVIN D April Dennis
#228572UBP Meeting03/15/2019Friday 07:30pm – 09:00pmDuluthGAEnglish HASKINS, TRINITY L & CULLEN J Tiffany Hsia
#224459UBP Meeting03/15/2019Friday 07:30pm – 09:00pmSanta ClaraCAEnglish HARRIS, STEVEN P Alice Chiou
#225144Local Seminar03/16/2019Saturday 09:00am – 03:00pmMilwaukeeWIEnglish MADURO, TRINA Thanh Dombroe
#225024New Unfranchise Owner Training (NUOT)03/16/2019Saturday 09:00am – 12:00pmCity of IndustryCAMandarin CHANG & TRAN, YVONNE & JOHN Q Yvonne Chang
#224497New Unfranchise Owner Training (NUOT)03/16/2019Saturday 09:00am – 12:00pmBaysideNYEnglish CHENG, PAULINE 
Amber Yang
#226591nutraMetrix 10103/16/2019Saturday 09:30am – 12:30amAshevilleNCEnglish MILLER-IHLI, NANCY April Dennis
#225491Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT)03/16/2019Saturday 09:30am – 03:00pmPawtucketRIEnglish PHILO, BONNIE Michelle Drew
#224486WebCenter Certification Training (WCT 101)03/16/2019Saturday 09:30am – 01:00pmMoonachieNJEnglish ZUPP, MICHAEL Michael Zupp
#223724Local Seminar03/16/2019Saturday 09:30am – 04:00pmSalisburyMDEnglish ROBINSON, REBECCA & RONNIE Ronnie and Becky Robinson
#226396Basic Five (B5)03/16/2019Saturday 10:00am – 02:00pmCITY OF INDUSTRYCAMandarin PENG, JESSICA 
jessica peng
#226251Local Seminar03/16/2019Saturday 10:00am – 05:00pmduluthGAEnglish HASKINS, TRINITY L & CULLEN J yiheng pan
#226002Local Seminar03/16/2019Saturday 10:00am – 05:00pmMaitlandFLEnglish WHITED, COLTON M. AND MIKAYLA Kelly Whited
#224418District Conference03/16/2019Saturday 10:00am – 06:00pmSanta ClaraCAEnglish HARRIS, STEVEN P Alice Chiou
#222221New Unfranchise Owner Training (NUOT)03/16/2019Saturday 10:00am – 02:00pmMonterey ParkCAMandarin HE, PING PING HE
#224508Basic Five (B5)03/16/2019Saturday 01:00pm – 04:00pmBaysideNYEnglish CHENG, PAULINE 
Amber Yang
#226592nutraMetrix 20103/16/2019Saturday 02:00pm – 05:00pmAshevilleNCEnglish MILLER-IHLI, NANCY April Dennis
#224491WebCenter Certification Training (WCT 201)03/16/2019Saturday 02:00pm – 06:00pmMoonachieNJEnglish ZUPP, MICHAEL Michael Zupp
#221687UBP Meeting03/16/2019Saturday 02:00pm – 03:00pmBronxNYEnglish WEBER, ELIZABETH Eddie Gajadar
#228795UBP Meeting03/16/2019Saturday 07:00pm – 08:30pmHonoluluHIEnglish KANESHIRO, DANIEL (UBP SPEAKER) Daniel Kaneshiro
#225030TLS-101 Learning the Basics to Living the TLS Weight Loss Solution Lifestyle03/17/2019Sunday 09:00am – 12:30pmPewaukeeWIEnglish BOLDT, BARBARA Barb Boldt
#225026Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT)03/17/2019Sunday 09:00am – 04:00pmCity of IndustryCAMandarin CHANG, YVONNE Yvonne Chang
#224510Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT)03/17/2019Sunday 09:00am – 04:00pmBaysideNYEnglish CHENG, PAULINE 
Amber Yang
#228476New Unfranchise Owner Training (NUOT)03/17/2019Sunday 10:00am – 01:00pmsan diegoCAMandarin HU, TING 
sarah ludlow
#224479Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT)03/17/2019Sunday 11:00am – 05:00pmPhoenixAZEnglish MITSCHKE, LYNN Lynn Mitschke
#225031TLS-201 Learning How to Build your UnFranchise Business through the TLS Weight Loss Solution.03/17/2019Sunday 01:30pm – 05:00pmPewaukeeWIEnglish BOLDT, BARBARA Barb Boldt
#228477Basic Five (B5)03/17/2019Sunday 02:00pm – 05:00pmsan diegoCAMandarin HU, TING 
sarah ludlow
#227360Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT)03/18/2019Monday 10:00am – 04:00amUNION CITYCAMandarin LIU, KENT KENT LIU
#225148Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT)03/18/2019Monday 05:00pm – 11:00pmMilwaukeeWIEnglish DOMBROE, THANH Thanh Dombroe
#225834Motives Overview-no charge03/18/2019Monday 07:00pm – 09:00pmWhitehallPAEnglish To Be Determined Brittany Witcher
#223756New Unfranchise Owner Training (NUOT)03/18/2019Monday 07:00pm – 10:00pmManchesterNHEnglish DOCOS, ANDY Andy Docos
#223746UBP Meeting03/18/2019Monday 07:30pm – 08:30pmNew YorkNYEnglish CHEN, BENSON Jennifer Trepeck
#222060UBP Meeting03/18/2019Monday 07:30pm – 09:00pmKnoxvilleTNEnglish PARKER & DENNIS, KAMALA & APRIL Tracy connor
#228637New Unfranchise Owner Training (NUOT)03/19/2019Tuesday 10:00am – 02:00pmlas vegasNVMandarin CHEN, JIN HUA jinhua chen
#222103Basic Five (B5)03/19/2019Tuesday 06:30pm – 09:30pmNorwalkCTEnglish PENNITO, EMILY Kasia Derza
#225853UBP Meeting03/19/2019Tuesday 07:00pm – 08:30pmFarmington HillsMIEnglish CAO, RENFANG Kyrston Miller
#224425UBP Meeting03/19/2019Tuesday 07:00pm – 08:00pmWATERFORDCTEnglish GRUSS-VERVERIS, HEIDI (UBP Speaker) Heidi Gruss-Ververis
#226361UBP Meeting03/19/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmConroeTXEnglish To Be Determined Norma Flores
#225311UBP Meeting03/19/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmPhoenixAZEnglish MADURO, TRINA LaVerne Castillo
#224803UBP Meeting03/19/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmFishkillNYEnglish GRANT, LISA Lisa Brown
#223670UBP Meeting03/19/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmNew BerlinWIEnglish ZHU, KE Stacy Teague
#222987UBP Meeting03/19/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmRiverheadNYEnglish MANGIONE, JOHN Frankie Toldo
#222923UBP Meeting03/19/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmGrantvillePAEnglish BAER JR, CHARLES & MARGARET Frank & Sue Dillahey
#222368UBP Meeting03/19/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmClearwaterFLEnglish MOREHEAD, REBECCA Pauline Richmond Riley
#222016UBP Meeting03/19/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmPawtucketRIEnglish PASQUAL, SUSAN Michelle Drew
#228728New Unfranchise Owner Training (NUOT)03/20/2019Wednesday 06:30pm – 09:30pmSalisburyMDEnglish YENTSCH, ALAN & DEBRA Big Al
#225445UBP Meeting03/20/2019Wednesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmMedianOHEnglish To Be Determined Ryan and Theresa Angus
#222995UBP Meeting03/20/2019Wednesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmRochesterNYEnglish ROGERS, JEFFREY & PATRICIA (UBP Speaker) Ryan Kimball
#226834General Product Training (GPT)03/21/2019Thursday 06:30pm – 09:30pmPewaukeeWIEnglish BIRCHMAN, JEFF & JACQUE Jacque Birchman
#223433General Product Training (GPT)03/21/2019Thursday 06:30pm – 09:30pmPewaukeeWIEnglish BOLDT, FRED & BARBARA Barb boldt
#226724UBP Meeting03/21/2019Thursday 07:30pm – 08:30amPinevilleNCEnglish DOCOS, ANDY Timothy A Lambert
#225802UBP Meeting03/21/2019Thursday 07:30pm – 09:00pmHutchinsonKSEnglish To Be Determined Jeannette Heikes
#225014UBP Meeting03/21/2019Thursday 07:30pm – 09:00pmIndependenceMOEnglish WHITED, DAVID & STACY Erin McMichael
#224909UBP Meeting03/21/2019Thursday 07:30pm – 08:30pmWhite River JunctionVTEnglish ALIOTTI, MARC R Shawn Walch
#224457UBP Meeting03/21/2019Thursday 07:30pm – 09:00pmKing of PrussiaPAEnglish To Be Determined Jennifer Le Sueur
#217876UBP Meeting03/21/2019Thursday 07:30pm – 09:00pmGlen AllenVAEnglish To Be Determined Julie Moroni

JR Ridinger, CEO

JR Ridinger, CEO


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