Business Building: GMTSS Events (3.22 – 3.28)

This week we’re offering another incredible lineup of events through the GMTSS, and I suggest everyone take a moment to review these events and make plans to leverage these excellent business building opportunities. I’ve listed below the GMTSS events next week for the U.S., but you can find information about events in other markets within your UnFranchise account. These events help serve as the backbone of your growth and development as an UnFranchise Owner, and provide everyone with crucial stepping stones to success. Be sure to share this information with your team so everyone can utilize these upcoming GMTSS events!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

Meeting IDMeeting TypeDateCityStateLanguagesSpeakerHost Name
#225959General Product Training (GPT)03/22/2019Friday 06:30pm – 10:30pmGrapevineTXEnglish LANDSIEDEL, JULIE Shu Yang
#225927General Product Training (GPT)03/22/2019Friday 06:30pm – 09:30pmGrapevineTXEnglish LANDSIEDEL, JULIE Shu Yang
#221674General Product Training (GPT)03/22/2019Friday 06:30pm – 09:30pmGrapevineTXEnglish LANDSIEDEL, JULIE Shu Yang
#225006UBP Meeting03/22/2019Friday 07:30pm – 09:00pmRentonWAEnglish LI, XIAO LU (OLIVIA) Jamey Sing
#225005UBP Meeting03/22/2019Friday 07:30pm – 09:00pmRentonWAEnglish LI, XIAO LU (OLIVIA) Jamey Sing
#226087Local Seminar03/23/2019Saturday 09:00am – 03:00pmRock HillSCEnglish DOCOS, ANDY Dr BONNIE CHUDYK
#225991New Unfranchise Owner Training (NUOT)03/23/2019Saturday 09:00am – 12:00pmGloucesterVAEnglish BAYFORD, DOROTHY D & BRIAN Dorothy Bayford
#225573TLS-101 Learning the Basics to Living the TLS Weight Loss Solution Lifestyle03/23/2019Saturday 09:00am – 12:30pmDuluthGAEnglish PATRICK, SUZANNE Suzanne Patrick
#225541TLS-101 Learning the Basics to Living the TLS Weight Loss Solution Lifestyle03/23/2019Saturday 09:00am – 12:00pmHauppaugeNYEnglish ORSHAN, JOANNE 
Joanne Orshan
#225087Local Seminar03/23/2019Saturday 09:00am – 04:00pmJessupMDEnglish MARTIN JR, DONALD A & LISA M Chip and Mandie Emely
#225041Motives Brand Introduction, Product Knowledge & Marketing03/23/2019Saturday 09:00am – 01:30pmFlushingNYEnglish WONG, SIU SHAN (TOBY) Toby Wong
#224441Local Seminar03/23/2019Saturday 09:00am – 02:30pmking of prussiaPAEnglish YENTSCH, ALAN & DEBRA Dritan Hodo
#223694Local Seminar03/23/2019Saturday 09:00am – 03:00pmGreen BayWIEnglish STACK & PELLICIER, RYAN P & SARAH ROSE Chele Boe
#223438Local Seminar03/23/2019Saturday 09:00am – 03:00pmNorth SyracuseNYEnglish HASKINS, TRINITY L & CULLEN J Patty Rogers
#222930New Unfranchise Owner Training (NUOT)03/23/2019Saturday 09:00am – 12:30pmPALMYRAPAEnglish GINGRICH, ROY Roy Gingrich
#221366Local Seminar03/23/2019Saturday 09:00am – 02:30pmOrland ParkILEnglish MADURO, TRINA Roxanne Reed
#221704Local Seminar03/23/2019Saturday 09:30am – 02:30pmWoburnMAEnglish TORGERSON, PAM Bonnie Philo
#228621Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT)03/23/2019Saturday 10:00am – 05:00pmBuhlerKSEnglish WHITED, COLTON M. AND MIKAYLA Mikayla Whited
#226055New Unfranchise Owner Training (NUOT)03/23/2019Saturday 10:00am – 02:00pmPITTSBURGHPAEnglish 
#224326General Product Training (GPT)03/23/2019Saturday 10:00am – 01:00pmClearwaterFLEnglish DUCHESS, SHERYL Sheryl Duchess
#222222Basic Five (B5)03/23/2019Saturday 10:00am – 02:00pmMonterey ParkCAMandarin HE, PING PING HE
#221746Local Seminar03/23/2019Saturday 12:00pm – 06:00pmGrapevineTXEnglish LANDSIEDEL, JULIE Hong Quan
#225552TLS-201 Learning How to Build your UnFranchise Business through the TLS Weight Loss Solution.03/23/2019Saturday 01:00pm – 04:00pmHauppaugeNYEnglish ORSHAN, JOANNE Joanne Orshan
#224331General Product Training (GPT)03/23/2019Saturday 01:00pm – 05:00pmClearwaterFLEnglish DUCHESS, SHERYL Dr. Sheryl Duchess
#222931Basic Five (B5)03/23/2019Saturday 01:00pm – 05:00pmPALMYRAPAEnglish GINGRICH, ROY Roy Gingrich
#225992Basic Five (B5)03/23/2019Saturday 01:30pm – 05:00pmGloucesterVAEnglish BAYFORD, DOROTHY D & BRIAN 
Dorothy Bayford
#225574TLS-201 Learning How to Build your UnFranchise Business through the TLS Weight Loss Solution.03/23/2019Saturday 01:30pm – 05:00pmDuluthGAEnglish PATRICK, SUZANNE Suzanne Patrick
#225042MA Skin & Personal Care Product Knowledge & Marketing (Motives)03/23/2019Saturday 02:00pm – 07:00pmFlushingNYEnglish WONG, SIU SHAN (TOBY) Toby Wong
#224449Local Seminar03/23/2019Saturday 09:30pm – 03:00pmEast HanoverNJMandarin LU & WANG, BEI & DAWEI Bei Lu
#225704Local Seminar03/24/2019Sunday 10:00am – 03:30amAmherstNYEnglish HASKINS, TRINITY L & CULLEN J Dan Herlehy
#225993Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT)03/24/2019Sunday 12:00pm – 05:30pmGloucesterVAEnglish WHITE, DR. TERRY Dr. Terry White
#228680UBP Meeting03/24/2019Sunday 01:30pm – 03:00pmDuluthGAMandarin To Be Determined Li Chou
#228733Motives Workshop: All About Eyes 03/25/2019Monday 06:00pm – 07:30pmWhitehallPAEnglish WITCHER, BRITTANY 
Brittany Witcher
#224428Basic Five (B5)03/25/2019Monday 07:00pm – 10:00pmBraintreeMAEnglish HARRIS, STEVEN P Steve Harris
#228734Motives Workshop: Flawless Face 03/25/2019Monday 07:30pm – 09:00pmWhitehallPAEnglish WITCHER, BRITTANY 
Brittany Witcher
#221779UBP Meeting03/25/2019Monday 07:30pm – 08:30pmKimberlyWIEnglish WINKLER, JIM & LISA K Denise Faulhaber Lynn Gmack
#228178Executive Coordinator Certification Training (ECCT)03/26/2019Tuesday 10:00am – 05:00pmlas vegasNVMandarin CHEN & GUAN, HELEN & HAO LIN jinhua chen
#226279UBP Meeting03/26/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmBensalemPAEnglish To Be Determined Don martin
#224815UBP Meeting03/26/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmBreinigsvillePAEnglish RENNALS, CHEVARLO (UBP Speaker) Randy McFarland
#224343UBP Meeting03/26/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmWindsorCTEnglish ROGERS, GARY Ryan Stack
#223671UBP Meeting03/26/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmNew BerlinWIEnglish SHEPHERD, DANIEL & LYNETTE Stacy Teague
#223113UBP Meeting03/26/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmFlushingNYEnglish GRANT, LISA Pauline Cheng
#222699UBP Meeting03/26/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmPittsburghPAEnglish To Be Determined Maryann Besterman
#222286UBP Meeting03/26/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmCheektowagaNYEnglish HERLEHY, DANIEL Kevin Walter
#222015UBP Meeting03/26/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmWhite Bear LakeMNEnglish TORGERSON, SCOTT T & DENISE Scott T. Torgerson
#216972UBP Meeting03/26/2019Tuesday 07:30pm – 09:00pmLutzFLEnglish TOLBERT, LISA Robyn Liska and Geoffery Kranich
#228729Basic Five (B5)03/27/2019Wednesday 06:30pm – 09:30pmSalisburyMDEnglish YENTSCH, ALAN & DEBRA Big Al
#228722UBP Meeting03/27/2019Wednesday 07:30pm – 08:30pmLakevilleNYEnglish STRAUB, BECKY & MARK Rebecca Straub
#228561New Unfranchise Owner Training (NUOT)03/27/2019Wednesday 07:30pm – 10:30pmSan DiegoCAEnglish HU, TING Ting Hu
#224411UBP Meeting03/28/2019Thursday 07:30pm – 08:30pmDanburyCTEnglish POLO, TRISTA AND RUSSELL Patti Morasco
#224256UBP Meeting03/28/2019Thursday 07:30pm – 08:30pmManchesterNHEnglish DOCOS, ANDY Heather Houle
#223001UBP Meeting03/28/2019Thursday 07:30pm – 08:30pmEast SyracuseNYEnglish STRAUB, BECKY & MARK Michael T Brigandi
#222564UBP Meeting03/28/2019Thursday 07:30pm – 09:00pmGreenvilleSCEnglish HUNTER, BONNIE L Indira gunasekera

JR Ridinger, CEO

JR Ridinger, CEO


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