Business Building: Using Resources To Learn While In Quarantine

By now, most regions of the world are in some type of quarantine. We hope you are all staying safe during this time. On the bright side, as entrepreneurs, we’re used to working from home. What’s great about the UnFranchise® Business is the learning continues no matter what’s going. Business building can occur in the comfort of your own home thanks to an abundance of Market America and UnFranchise resources.

If you’re in quarantine, here are a few resources that can be used to help build your business.


Right now, the most popular resource for business building in the UnFranchise Community is Zoom. Zoom offers phone meetings and video conferencing so UFOs can grow their business and stay in touch with their customers and teammates during these strange times. Every week, members of Market America’s corporate team and top leaders in the field have been hosting nightly webinars on Zoom. The sessions have covered a variety of topics such as call workshops, UBPs, and corings. Click here for the schedule of upcoming Zoom sessions.


In the back office on, there is a section called “UF Media” under the “Help & Training” tab. If you click on UF Media, it will bring you to a page that contains hundreds of audio files. These audios contain speeches and presentations from top leaders such as JR Ridinger, Loren Ridinger, Dennis Franks, and Jim Winkler. You can pause, fast forward, or rewind these audios at any moment. It’s like having the best minds in Market America at your side at all times!

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On this blog, our writers are constantly publishing relevant and informative content regarding Market America | SHOP.COM. From product promotions and campaigns to Zoom schedules and event previews, the UnFranchise Blog should be in your rotation of top websites to visit.

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Which resources work the best for your business? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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