Business Building: Zoom Learning Sessions – January 10 To January 16

The countdown to #MAWC2022. Make sure to attend our weekly Zoom session that’s centered on MAWC2022 and things to expect for World Conference.

If you have not activated your Zoom account, click here for instructions. Also, UFOs can rewatch previous webinars on Market America’s YouTube page. These sessions should be up on YouTube within 24 hours after the event. Share this information with your teams. Together, we’ll grow digitally as entrepreneurs and UnFranchise Owners!

Ready for the Zoom sessions of the week? Highlights include sessions with Kevin Buckman. For Zoom sessions from January 10 to January 16, click here.

Note: The Zoom schedule is subject to change due to speaker availability and timing conflicts. For live updates, please click this document to view up-to-the-minute changes.

January 12

Master UFO Action Plan – Week 2

Who: Kevin Buckman

Time: 8:00pm ET

Zoom Link: Click to register 

Facebook Link: Click for event

Join the Corporate Team and Field Leaders for a weekly class to help you achieve Master UFO in Q1 of 2022.

Countdown to #MAWC2022

Who: Kevin Buckman, Katherine Yin, and Candice Yang

Time: 9:00pm ET

Zoom Link: Click to register 

Facebook Link: Click for event

The Corporate Team interviews Field Leaders about their plans to maximize #MAWC2022.

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