Business Building: Zoom Learning Sessions – November 30 to December 6

One more month of 2020! It’s been a tough year for all of us. How about we finish 2020 on a high note and set our UnFranchise Businesses up for success?

If you have not activated your Zoom account, click here for instructions. Also, UFOs can rewatch previous webinars on Market America’s YouTube page. These sessions should be up on YouTube within 24 hours after the event. Share this information with your teams. Together, we’ll grow digitally as entrepreneurs and UnFranchise Owners!

Ready for the Zoom sessions of the week? Highlights include sessions with Dennis Franks, Jim Winkler, Andrew Weissman, and Eddie Alberty. For Zoom sessions from November 30 to December 6, scroll below.

November 30

Loren’s Beauty Lounge

Who: Christina Lempesis and special guests

Time: 7:00 PM EST

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When it comes to staying healthy, many men talk about fitness, eating right, and even nutritional supplementation. But more often than not, men neglect to take care of a specific organ that is essential to good health – SKIN!
Did you know that men’s skin has more collagen and elastin? This is what makes their skin thicker and firmer, and also why they show signs of aging much later compared to women.
Skin is our largest organ and performs many functions important to good health! Since our skin is our first line of defense, it serves as a barrier between our bodies and the outside world. Therefore responsible for many important functions, like protecting us from germs, bacteria and of course harmful effects of UV rays. In addition, healthy skin also regulates body temperature and helps filter out toxins! Crazy, right?!
So grab your favorite guy and be sure to tune in for this special edition of our VIP Beauty Lounge – JUST FOR MEN!
We will have licensed esthetician, Christina Lempesis, walk us through the necessary steps – while educating on products uniquely formulated for the modern man! Lumière de Vie® Hommes is a collection of classic products with proven results, designed for every man! We’ll showcase our current collection and give a sneaky peek into two brand new product launches you’ll not want to miss! You can grab everything prior to this special event here:
Trust us, your guy will LOVE it!

December 2

UnFranchise Marketing App for the Holidays and Virtual Parties

Who: Dennis Franks and special guest

Time: 7:30pm EST

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Join Dennis Franks and Special Guest, for an in-depth look at the new UnFranchise Marketing App. The two will share tips on how to use it during the holiday season to retail your customers, show how the app does the follow up for you, and even a special announcement of an exciting contest!

Maximizing BV and IBV Going into the Holidays

Who: Jim Winkler

Time: 9:00pm EST

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This session will give tips and techniques on how to maximize your IBV and BV during the holiday season.

December 3

Programs to Protect You

Who: Eddie Alberty

Time: 12:00pm EST

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Join Eddie Alberty, the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, as he discusses programs that can give you peace of mind and protection by making life simpler with technology support, identity theft protection, and credit monitoring! You won’t want to miss this important session!

UnFranchise Business Presentation

Who: Andrew Weissman

Time: 8:00pm EST

Zoom Link: Click to register

Facebook Link: Click for event

Join Andrew Weissman as he delivers the UnFranchise Business Presentation!

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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