Prep Your Business for the Find Your Fit Challenge!

If you’ve signed on for the TLS® 2019 Find Your Fit Challenge, you know the start date is close! Check out our tips to you make the most out of this fantastic opportunity to grow your UnFranchise® Business.

Set Up Your Check-Ins

Are you running a big Find Your Fit group, a few mini-groups, or managing individual entries one by one? Whichever approach works best for you is fine, but make sure you’ve set aside enough time to engage with your contestants! This contest is an opportunity to create lifelong customers by developing personal & helpful relationships that keep your Find Your Fit contestants coming back to you for advice, support, & encouragement.

Check-Ins are a great way to do this!

It’s a good idea to contact your contestants at least once per week. This gives you plenty of time to guide them in the right direction, hear where there may be pain points that need your attention, and recommend products to further their success. You can do this through in-person meetings, phone calls, or even a web-based video chat like Zoom or Skype!

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Make Sure You’re Engaged

If you were with us at the TLS® Breakout at MAIC 2019, you know the power of engagement.

Whether you’re new to the business or jumping back in for the Challenge, there are so many wonderful resources ready-made just to support you as you build your TLS business! You have access to the:

Each of these pages offers resources from Facebook Lives, new recipes, and plenty of support from your fellow Coaches and Trainers. Not to mention, being active on the Official TLS® social media pages is a phenomenal way to meet new customers by commenting, sharing, and answering their questions as they engage with our corporate pages!

Oh, and don’t forget: Rip Off & Duplicate!

wellmune for summer

Walk the TLS® Walk

Challenge registration may be ending, but the impact this Challenge can have on your business growth goes far past September 4th. Think of this Find Your Fit Challenge as an opportunity to show the world your TLS® Lifestyle!

Post your progress, daily challenges, and daily triumphs to your social media pages; talk about how you’re changing your lifestyle & how you’re feeling throughout the Challenge; mention products & recipes that you’re loving!

You never know who’s in the background watching, wishing they could live a healthier life, too. Once the Challenge is over, you’ll be surprised at the ripple effect that your testimonials will have. So, drink your shakes, rock those TLS® Tees, and be sure you’re:

Tagging us in your posts @TLSweightloss | TLS Weight Loss
Using the Official hashtags:

Tayler Glenn

Tayler Glenn


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