Business in a Box

We are excited to now offer anyone interested in becoming a “Layered Stylist” their very own business in a box! The Layered Fast-Start Kit is a collection of some of our favourite products, to help level up your go-to jewellery looks.

*Display items not included

With the Layered Fast Start Kit, your prospects are accomplishing steps one through three (apply, create and qualify) of our marketing plan and are ready to start accumulating volume towards commissions.

They can start earning a supplemental income by retailing products to their client base, while identifying potential business partners along the way.

In addition to an assortment of top jewellery products, they will also be receiving the following:

  • UnFranchise® Manual
  • Standard application fee for instant start-up
  • Bimonthly UnFranchise Owner Magazine

Promote this kit as offering the ability to uniquely express yourself every day to match the different roles you play and hats you wear throughout the different seasons of life. Celebrating the many layers in you is what this collection and partnership are all about.

The kit includes the following items:
Product Code Qty
BRIA – Round Cut Tennis Bracelet – Silver | Clear 7LBR33W 1
ZARA – 3 Stone Ear Cuff – Set of Two – Gold | Clear 7LER20Y 1
ISABELLA – Baguette Mini Studs – Silver |Clear 7LER08W 1
MARIA – Paperclip Necklace with Pave Oval Link – Gold | Clear 7LNK26Y 1
HEIDI – Pave Stick Necklace – Silver | Clear 7LNK24W 1
2” Extender Chain for Necklace – Silver 7LNKC20W 1
SOPHIE – Pave CZ Hoops – Gold | Clear 7LER15Y 1
AMBER – Emerald Cut Eternity Band – Size 7 Silver | Clear 7LRI23W7 1
UnFranchise Management System – 2 months service 7UFMS 2
Independent UFO Sub Kit ( Includes UnFranchise Marketing App with SHOP LIVE)

Literature Fast Start Kit





*Please note that the Fast Start Kit is only available for purchase by new UnFranchise Owners and is sold as is products cannot be exchanged for different sizes or colours.

In addition, we have created a Layered Fast start Kit Flyer now available to help introduce and show the products it includes to potential business partners!

Download it today from your UnFranchise Business Account. > Resources > Support Materials> Layered Fast Start Kit Flyer


Jacqueline Ballard

Jacqueline Ballard

Marketing Manager for Market Australia

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