Buy One Ticket, Get One Ticket Free To MAIC2017

This August, Market America will celebrate its monumental 25th anniversary as a company at International Convention in Greensboro, NC. You can only celebrate 25 years as a company once so we do not want anyone to miss out. Because of the momentous occasion, we are offering the promotion of a lifetime.

From March 13th until April 30th, 2017 – whenever you purchase a ticket to MAIC2017, you will get a FREE ticket at no additional charge! It’s Buy One, Get One Free for MAIC.

You read that correctly. The biggest event in company history is offering a buy one, get one free promotion. You always hear Market America legends like Andrew Weissman and Marc Ashley tell us how important the events are and how you should buy at least 3 tickets to the next big event in order to get your business partner to attend with you. Well for this event, if you buy one ticket, you get one ticket for free. This is the perfect opportunity to pay it forward and bring new team members to International convention.

As JR Ridinger says, the secret to success in this business is to attend World Conference or International Convention. By getting your team to go to these events, it will allow people to see the light, believe in the business plan, and go out and succeed.

Wait, there’s more! If you take part in the buy one, get one free campaign, you’ll also be entered into a raffle to win a free Moving Up Seminar ticket! Moving Up Seminars are the perfect events for UFOs who need to fine tune their skills and take the next step to success. There will be 25 winners for this portion of the contest so you have an excellent shot to win this bonus prize and attend a Moving Up Seminar!

To purchase tickets, visit today and secure your tickets for MAIC2017. Tickets are selling fast especially with this new promotion so make sure to get yours as soon as possible! CLICK HERE for our complete terms and conditions for the promotion and raffle.

Can we fast forward to August?




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