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Guest post by Sarah Rose Stack, Director of Business Integration

Many teachers have to spend hundreds of dollars per year of their own money to purchase supplies for their classroom. You can help your local teachers by gifting them a few products and showing them how to earn Cashback for purchases they make for themselves or for their classroom. Continue reading to learn how to help teachers earn Cashback on classroom supplies and more!

Begin by writing a simple letter (or sending an email) to connect with the teacher.  It always helps to thank them for the impact they are making on your child (or the community) and share your gratitude for the way that they go above and beyond to purchase supplies for the classroom.  Next, you will want to explain how the Cashback program works and highlight some stores that may resonate the most for the classroom. Don’t forget to mention that there are thousands of additional stores to choose from.  Add an extra special touch by including a few products or samples such as Shopping Annuity Hand sanitizer, awake shots or something that can help promote immune such as Vitamin D with K2.    

Suggested Exclusive Products to share:

  1. Shopping Annuity Hand Sanitizer
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Vitamin D with K2
  4. Daily Essentials
  5. Awake Shots
  6. Mochatonix
  7. Clearshield

Below is a sample letter that you can share with the teachers in your life.  Don’t forget to customize it and connect one: one!

Dear Awesome Teacher,

Thanks for sending home the introduction letter and introducing yourself. Ethan had an awesome experience last year and was a bit nervous to start middle school but he came home after his first day super excited and ready to have a great year! 

After checking out your school supply wish list, we wanted to mention a way that may make it easier to purchase supplies that were not provided by the district.  Here are a few gifts for the classroom and a little information about a program that pays cashback when you purchase supplies and other items from stores you’re probably already shopping at.  The cashback can be sent to you as a check or you can apply it to future purchases for supplies that you need for your classroom.  It’s really easy to do:

  1. Go to
  2. Top right, click on “Sign in” and “Register for a new account” (it’s free!)
  3. Shop and earn cashback 

Favorite stores for school supplies are:

  • Discount School Supply: 2% Cashback
  • SHOP Office Supplies: 5% Cashback
  • Staples: 2% Cashback
  • Staples Print and Copy Center: 6% Cashback
  • Walmart: 2% Cashback
  • MisterArt: 2% Cashback
  • Crayola: 3% Cashback

Couple of tips-

  • If you’re going to buy stuff anyway from your favorite stores, simply go to first so you can earn cashback on those purchases. (Click on “Stores” and you can see all of them)
  • If you would rather shop directly through some of those stores, you can download Shop Buddy.  When you go to a partner store directly you can click “Activate Cashback” and still earn cashback and get coupon codes for the site you are visiting
  • SHOP Office / SHOP Direct: offers instant cashback and great deals on bulk items

Hope this helps.  Let us know if you need any help whatsoever.  Also, threw in a few gifts for ya for the school year – sanitizers,  awake shots (for you, not the kids lol) and extra folders for the kids. 

Have a great year!

See how easy that is?! Leave us a comment and let us know which products you plan to use to share your business with your kids’ teacher.

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Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media