How You Can Earn More with Affiliate Marketing Through

How You Can Earn More with Affiliate Marketing Through

Affiliate marketing, as you may already know, is a multi-billion-dollar industry and can help monetize your content-rich website or blog as well as your social media accounts and email list.

When businesses work together, great things can happen. That’s why has used its public API, application programming interface, to create and host an affiliate marketing program.

While there are thousands of affiliate programs and networks available on the web that can make you some extra money, Affiliate Publisher Network provides the UnFranchise base and bloggers being introduced to with multiple ways to advertise and earn.

According to Market America/’s API Manager Paul Dumas, this program works with the Affiliate Publisher Network to securely and accurately share data and services, encouraging innovation and collaboration.

Basically, it’s a link between the sites that allows you to easily market products directly from your own website, without the need to redirect to the merchant’s site.

Because APIs help a business build their brand awareness and expand, it will be easier for new partners to work together and cut down on the time needed to integrate new users.

With APN, UnFranchise businesses have these advantages:

  • Choose from millions of products and services to advertise to your customers.
  • Drive referrals faster and easier.
  • Use pre-formatted referral links to ensure you get credit for re-directing shoppers to
  • Obtain real-time data on product features that is current and accurate, which you can then integrate into your site.
  • Target new customers easier with social selling and sell directly on your site or social media page.
  • Recruit affiliate marketers by offering up to 15% in revenue share for referred orders.

Paul gave an in depth insight about Affiliate Marketing Through on MeetOn:

How to get started as a UFO: A short video presentation of how UFOs get started with APN, what the publisher ID means for them, and some of the tools available in


How to get started as an affiliate: A presentation for affiliates that explains the registration process, how to quickly publish content on their sites/blogs, and how to manage their account and track orders.


How to use the APN Widget Wizard: A step-by-step demonstration of the APN Widget Wizard


How to use the APN Sidebar Chrome Extension: A step-by-step demonstration of the APN Sidebar Chrome Extension




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