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Catch The Replay Of The First GoNow Gameplan On MeetON

Last night, the inaugural GoNow Gameplan debuted on MeetON with host Sarah Rose Stack. The GoNow Gameplan is a new weekly show that will feature fun and informative business building segments to benefit the growth of UnFranchise Owners. The show will touch on various topics and tips that can be used by UFOs to build their UnFranchise Business.

I wanted to highlight a few of the segments and discussions from last night. The Brainspanking of the Week dealt with an article from about the decline of brick and mortar stores from major companies such as Nine West. This is another example that supports the fact that the UnFranchise Business is thriving in the digital age. Another segment from last night was Shopping Annuity Hacks. The hack for this week involved the new Shopping Annuity Savings and Spending Meters in the Assessment. Seeing is believing and being able to have a transparent look at these figures is huge for your own personal growth.

Our team wants the GoNow Gameplan to be apart of your routines every Monday night. Between the weekly recap of what’s going on in Market America to the helpful tips being shared, the GoNow Gameplan is one of the most fun and informative shows in our company.

Did you miss out on last night’s episode? Watch it now by clicking the link below:

Inaugural GoNow Gameplan from April 16th 
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