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Chains: The Everyday Essential 

Chains have always been a staple accessory to have, especially good-quality chains. There are so many different types of chains. There’s paperclip, curb, box, rope, herringbone, Cuban link, and more. They also come in different weights and lengths. It is up to you which chain fits your style best, if you are a silver or a gold person, and how you want to layer them. 

Herringbone Chains

Layered’s Maya and Sophia are the perfect herringbone chains. Herringbone chains are timeless and it’s the perfect base for layering. The links of the chain are flat and held tightly creating a liquid gold look. Sophia is a bit thicker than the Maya, so if you are going for more of a dainty look choose the Maya. They beautifully contour the collar bones. 


Curb Chains

Curb chains are the most popular chains out there. It lays flat and comes in a variety of different weights and lengths. They are great with pendants and for any age/gender. Layered just came out with the Evie Curb Chain Necklace; your new everyday essential. It is so classic, and like all other styles from Layered, it is perfect for layering. 


Cuban Link Chains

Very similar to the curb chain, Cuban links are a bit rounder and thicker for a chunkier look. Layered’s new Cuban link chain the Zane is very hot right now. It’s chunky and trendy, dressing up any casual look with some added bling. Zane does the talking when you walk into the room. Designed with a single pave center link and an antique gold finish, Zan is their boldest piece to date.


Christine Cabreja

Christine Cabreja


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