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Channels to Follow for #MAWC2021

While we had hoped to be back in person for World Conference, we are excited about an even more exciting online event. If you haven’t heard yet, this event will be even more interactive with the use of a new tool, SwapCard. With the 2021 Market America World Conference being completely online, staying connected on social media is more important than ever! To stay up to date with the latest happenings from the company, brands, and executives, make sure you are following closely with our corporate social media accounts. You can find all the convention info on the following channels:

Make sure to follow our corporate social media accounts:

The UnFranchise Blog is where you’ll want to check regularly for new product info, session recaps, breakout session info, and more. Then head over to and to see what Loren and JR Ridinger are posting throughout the weekend!



Market America



Shopping Annuity

Stay up to date on what the executives are doing:

Loren Ridinger

JR Ridinger

Marc Ashley

Steve Ashley

Andrew Weissman

Jim Winkler

Dennis Franks


Don’t Miss Your Favorite Brand’s Updates:

Motives® by Loren Ridinger

TLS® Weight Loss Solution

MA Healthy Living

  • Check out Market America Healthy Living on Facebook
  • Follow @mahealthyliving on Instagram

Lumière de Vie®




Conquer Entertainment




Hashtags make it easier to group and track posts in their respective categories. A hashtag allows easy, informal conversation between social media users, and across networks and platforms, connecting those that are having the same conversation.

Official 2021 Market America World Conference Hashtags:

  • Tweet, comment, and share those Instagram stories using the official event hashtag #MAWC2021,
  • To get your images noticed by our corporate team, make sure to add #MarketAmerica and #shoponSHOP! We’ll be on the lookout for the best quality content of YOUR event coverage to repost and share from our pages.
  • Get your favorite brands to notice your best posts by using the branded hashtags:
    • #motivescosmetics
    • #lumieredevie
    • #mahealthyliving
    • #tlsweightloss
    • #getlayered

What should you feature in your photos and videos? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Selfie of you watching MAWC 2021 and include other people in the photo if they’re in the room as well. Stand out even more by wearing  Market America gear!
  • Photo of how you’re watching the event (ex. on a computer, television, etc.)
  • Video clip of your favorite MAWC moment
  • Boomerang of a speaker’s entrance (Loren, JR, etc.)
  • Tweet of a notable quote or line from a speaker’s presentation
  • Picture of your tickets

Remember, only ticket holders will have access to the online event, breakout sessions, and 14-day replay links. If you don’t have tickets yet, don’t have FOMO once the event starts. Go ahead and purchase your tickets to MAWC 2021 HERE.


Do you have questions about following any of our social media accounts or using our official hashtags? Post your question in the comment section below!

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Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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