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Check Out The New SHOP.COM Pharmacy Discounts Website

One of the most underrated programs in Market America just received fresh updates and tremendous improvements. We are excited to announce the launch of the new SHOP.COM Pharmacy Discounts Website.

The site has a slick new look, as well as new features and improvements under the hood, while still offering the same great discounted prices on prescriptions for you and your customers.

To celebrate the new design, we have an amazing incentive to discuss. UnFranchise® Owners can earn quadruple IBV on transactions in October, November, and December. Simply sign new customers up for the program in October, and then earn four IBV for every prescription they purchase using the program in Q4.

Every UnFranchise Owner should strongly consider using SHOP.COM Pharmacy Discounts. For those who have questions about the program, keep reading.

What Is SHOP.COM Pharmacy Discounts?

One in four Americans reports difficulties affording their medications, often because of lack of insurance or poor prescription coverage. Drug pricing can vary significantly from one pharmacy to another and from day to day, making it hard to know where to find the best price.

The SHOP.COM Pharmacy Discounts program helps you and your customers compare medication prices at local pharmacies to ensure you aren’t overpaying for meds. Even customers with insurance can find that the discounted cash price for their medications is cheaper than their copay!

Program Benefits:

  • Save up to 80% off prescriptions (average 54%)
  • Compare prices at major pharmacies nationwide
  • UFOs earn IBV and customers earn Reward Points from our partner while they save
  • Prescription management, health and drug information, and more

How to Get Started

  1. Register – if you haven’t already done so, register to promote SHOP.COM Pharmacy Discounts by clicking here while logged in to your SHOP.COM account and follow the instructions.
  2. Share – go to your share page and use the materials and links to invite your customers and network to join. Make sure you are logged in first so that the materials are linked back to you.
  3. Earn – every time you or your customers purchase a prescription using the program, you earn one IBV. For Q4, you will earn four IBV for any transactions from customers registered in October.

If you have already registered, simply login to your SHOP.COM Pharmacy Discounts account.

Eddie Alberty discussed this new incentive in a Zoom session. Please watch and share the replay below.

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