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Chill Out on National Relaxation Day

Right before the back to school season begins and the holidays start approaching faster than usual, kick back and unwind. It’s National Relaxation day! Don’t forget to take care of yourself and find time to relax! You may like some of our favorite products, perfect for unwinding on National Relaxation Day.

Try These Relaxing Products

Royal Spa: Experience the luxury of Royal Spa! This extensive line is designed to address the most essential body care needs! Pamper yourself right at home with the full line and feel like you are relaxing at a high-end spa! Royal Spa delivers the satisfaction of pampering that everyone desires with mild, stimulating products with inviting fragrances.

Lumiere de Vie: Lumière de Vie is the next generation of skincare, designed to promote the natural healing process of all skin types. The extensive line of luxury skincare products is designed to address all skin types and concerns. With the highest-quality natural ingredients and powerful formulas that help heal, soothe, moisturize and protect, Lumière de Vie acts as first aid for your skin.

Lumiere de Vie Rose Quartz Roller: This facial massager utilizes rose quartz, which promotes healing from the inside out, and the calming art of massage to relax the face. Utilize this tool to help aid in the absorption of treatments into the skin, reduce the appearance of puffiness, and signs of aging. This dual sided tool can be used throughout all areas of the face and neck to maximize your daily skincare regimen. Calm your skin with the Lumière de Vie Rose Quartz Roller.

VitaShieldⓇ Intensive Eye Firming Treatment: A powerful blend of vitamins and coenzyme Q10 designed to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A and other compounds provide added power for younger-looking skin. Added cucumber extract can tighten the skin and lessen under-eye puffiness.

It’s a spa that can be delivered right to your doorstep. It’s hard to beat that!

wellmune for summer

How are you pampering yourself for National Relaxation Day?


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April Laughlin

April Laughlin