Collect Them All: Exclusive Market America | SHOP.COM T-shirts Available for a Limited Time

As an UnFranchise® Owner, a simple yet effective aspect of building your business involves branding and promotion. An easy way to promote your business and the brands you represent is by wearing and using UnFranchise Business merchandise and apparel. For example, wearing branded T-shirts can make your business known to the public and start conversations, which may lead to new customers and appointments for prospects to evaluate the business and/or products.

For a limited time while supplies last, UnFranchise Owners in the United States, and those who have expanded business into the U.S., can purchase exclusive T-shirts on UnFranchise Owners in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom can purchase them on SHOP.COM Global (SHOPGLOBAL.COM).

Collect each of these exclusive T-shirts:


We encourage you to wear these T-shirts and/or other favorite company/product branded apparel at the Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM 2022 International Convention in Greensboro, North Carolina from Aug. 11–14. At this upcoming event, all attendees will have access to a special shopping experience full of exclusive merchandise, apparel and more.

Day 2 (Friday, Aug. 12) of the event will be “Spirit of Market America Team Day” focused on the power of teamwork and how to build a championship team with the UnFranchise Business. We encourage you to participate by wearing your favorite Market America | SHOP.COM branded apparel or your own team’s apparel.

The awards ceremony and celebration (Saturday night, Aug. 13) will be focused on UnFranchise Owners — the company’s “rock stars.” Since everyone in the UnFranchise Owner community is a rock star, we’ll celebrate with recognition and rock ‘n’ roll. We encourage you to participate by wearing rock ‘n’ roll apparel, dressing up as your favorite rock star and/or wear the “I’M A ROCKSTAR” T-shirt.

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity

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