Combining the Power of Virtual and In-Person Events to Build Community

Over the last few years, UnFranchise® Owners (UFOs) mastered using online tools like Zoom and social media to expand their reach for new customers and potential partners. I think it is safe to say that most UFOs appreciated that they could connect with customers, team members and potential partners from the comfort of their own homes to keep their momentum going when it was difficult to get together in person.

Although it is possible to build relationships over Zoom and other online meeting tools, there is nothing like the connections that develop when we can gather in real life.

Now that we can get together in person again, it’s time to formulate a plan to combine the best of both worlds.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. Continue to engage with people on social media, and if they are not local to you or have busy schedules, invite them to quick online overviews or Zoom meetings where you can conduct one-on-ones or two-on-ones to pique their interest.
  2. Utilize Zoom pop-ons during follow-ups so they can meet other members of the team or UFOs in their local area.
  3. If they are local to you, get together for coffee or home meetings where you connect in person to answer questions, go over their goals and further the relationship.
  4. As quickly as possible, invite them to the next in-person home meeting or GMTSS event.
  5. When inviting people to in-person events, giving them solid reasons to join you is more important than ever. Find a way to explain how the content covered at the event is relevant to their interests. Identify the speaker(s) and be sure to inform your guests of what they can expect to be covered during the session. Focus on the connections they will make while there by talking about some of the other team members/attendees they will get the chance to meet and interact with.

To keep this easy to remember, be sure to include the six Ws in your invitation and conversation.

  • Who is involved in the event?
  • Who should attend?
  • What will be covered, and why is that important to your guest?
  • Where will the event take place?
  • When is it happening?
  • Why is it happening?

In-person events foster a sense of community and trust in our business. During these events, we gather around a common purpose, which is to lift up people and show them how to succeed in our business. When people attend multiple in-person events together, the groundwork for community begins to build. This is why it is so important to support your local GMTSS events. Attending events together creates a sense of familiarity, fosters stronger connections and builds long-lasting relationships, which in turn creates stability in our organizations.

People are ready to come together again. People want to connect with other people. They long for connection and community. Nothing is more powerful than introducing people to our Market America community, but it all begins with ensuring you have tickets to sell to the next event. Get your tickets today.

By Brandi Murphy, nutraMetrix® Director of Training and Field Development

Alex Tauras

Alex Tauras


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