Coming Soon: Express Pay At Checkout On

UnFranchise Owners are always on-the-go. As entrepreneurs, many of us are always moving in different directions as we take on various projects in our home and work lives. When it comes to funding your Shopping Annuity through SHOP.COM, the corporate team is always looking for easy to streamline and expedite the shopping experience.

Ordering products is faster and easier than ever before with Express Pay. Express Pay is a 2 click checkout system that allows UFOs establish default Express Pay shipping and billing options at checkout in order to streamline the process on SHOP.COM. The checkout is now convenient and quick with Express Pay, leaving UFOs with more free time to fund their Shopping Annuity.

Since Express Pay has been such a hit on SHOP.COM, it’s time to expedite the checkout process on UnFranchise. Coming soon, Express Pay will be available on This feature would allow the UnFranchise Owner to set up default settings for Shipping/Billing Address, Volume Placement, and Payment Method.

To set up Express Paygo to SHOP.COM and click on the “My Account” section. Simply select “Default/Express Pay Settings” under Personal Settings. From there, add or select default billing and shipping information to enable Express Pay. After this is completed, Express Pay will show up as a checkout option on all of SHOP.COM’s OneCart product pages.

The goal of Express Pay is to make the checkout process even simpler and faster than before! Take advantage of this new option at checkout and fund your Shopping Annuity!

Stay tuned for updates as we add Express Pay to! 




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