Constant Communication: Stay In Touch With Your Teams

Meeting and interacting with each other in person may have been put on hold, but that does not mean communication between one another has to stop. The UnFranchise® Business was designed to grow online so therefore, digital communication is an integral part of Market America.

With most of our time spent inside these days, every UFO should make it a point to converse with their teams a few times week. While it’s important to discuss business building tactics, it’s also good to just check in with your teammates and see how they’re doing during this difficult time. Keeping morale high will go a long way and together, we can get through this together!

To ensure efficient communication within teams, here are a few tips to follow.

Schedule Weekly Check-Ins/Meetings – As we mentioned before, checking in with your team on a weekly basis is a great way to keep each other motivated and build team chemistry. Set aside some time every week to catch up with one another, discuss your current situations, and work on your businesses.

Use Zoom – Right now, the most valuable resource to Market America and the UnFranchise Community is Zoom. Zoom is a powerful tool that improves digital communication within your teams. Zoom offers phone meetings and video conferencing so UFOs can develop their business and stay in touch with their customers and teammates during these difficult times. In fact, if UFOs sign up for Zoom, there is a special deal that includes benefits like unlimited recording storage and live stream meetings to Facebook. A few nights every week, Market America’s corporate team hosts webinars on Zoom that revolve around tips to grow as an entrepreneur. If you’re not on Zoom, sign up today!

Text/Call – This may sound simple, but now is not the time to forget about your friends, family, and teammates. Text and call those important people in your life during these crazy times. A simple text message or encouraging phone call could be the light in someone else’s day. Give it a try!

How will you be communicating within your teams? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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