Countdown: 4 Months Until World Conference 2014

Listen up, UnFranchise® Owners! We’re four months away from World Conference! Our social media team is already filled with anticipation, knowing that 4 months from today we’ll be at American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL with some of the top entrepreneurs in the world! Have you purchased your tickets yet? Here are some things you can do over the coming months to make sure you’re prepared for one of our biggest events of the year:

If you haven’t already, purchase your tickets for World Conference! We’ve said it time and again and you’ve heard from other UnFranchise® Owners in our Shop Consultant Spotlight series that attendance is mandatory if you’re serious about your success as an entrepreneur! Click HERE for more event information and to purchase your tickets. While you’re at it, make sure you book your hotel accommodations as well.

Take time to assess your business goals. What do you want to accomplish before you come to Miami? If you’re participating in a challenge, where do you stand? Reach out to members of your team if you’re struggling. If you’re right on track or exceeding your goals, offer to help get your fellow UnFranchise® Owners on track. Their success is your success! This post is a great reminder of how to work on your goals before MAWC 2014.

Though we know you’ll be busy during the holiday season, refocus your sights on World Conference as you are able. The end of the month is prime time to make travel arrangements to get to Miami. If you’re within driving distance, set up a carpool! If you’re flying in, now will be a great time to book your flight. Don’t forget- flights arriving at both MIA and FLL are decent options. If you’re coming in through FLL, your ground transportation will take a little longer and be a bit more costly.

Before you know it, we’ll be arriving at our one month countdown!  In the last month before World Conference, make sure you’ve firmed up your travel arrangements and accommodations for Miami. Reach out to new members of your team to encourage them to join you. Even if it’s a last minute decision… they won’t regret it! Share this story from Ryan Stack with UnFranchise® Owners who are on the fence.

We’ll see you in sunny Miami! Don’t forget to bring your event tickets with you! 

Only 4 months stand between us and an incredible event in Miami. World Conference 2014 will undoubtedly be better than ever! Do NOT miss this opportunity.

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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