Counting Down: One Month Until MAIC2017

Set your clocks. The countdown to the MAIC2017 has truly begun.

We are officially one month away from the 2017 Market America International Convention. It’s hard to believe that the wait is almost over to celebrate 25 years of entrepreneurial success. Since we left Miami in February, we have all be waiting for our reunion and on August 10, that reunion will come true!


With one month to go, are you ready? Do you have everything you need to maximize your time in Greensboro? Here are some important things to consider

Tickets: It sounds obvious, but it is probably the most important item you need for MAIC2017. We hope that every UnFranchise Owner has purchased a ticket already. If not, you can purchase them here.

Training Sessions: Motives, WebCenter, TLS. The list goes on. If you need a recertification course or training program, sign up now before it’s too late! Find training information here.

Travel: If you do not live in the Greensboro area or if it’s not close enough to commute, you will probably need a flight, hotel, and rental car. Use SHOP travel to get the best deals available!

In the upcoming weeks, follow this blog, BeingJRRidinger, and the UnFranchise Blog for future articles concerning MAIC2017. Travel tips, SHOP Location schedules, social media channels to follow, and event agendas are just some of the topics that will be published over the next couple of weeks.

See you in Greensboro!




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