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Reward Customers During The Holiday Season With Coupon Marketing

As UnFranchise® Owners, it’s important to establish strong relationships with customers. At times, a strong customer base could be the difference between success and failure. It’s the job of a UFO to ensure their customers are treated with respect and care. To reward customers for their loyalty, UFOs can send discounts thanks to the coupon marketing program.

With coupons, customers can save money on Market America’s exclusive products. Coupons are an excellent way to entice new customers to try products. Coupons can be shared with customers directly from With the holiday season in full swing, it’s an advantageous time to send customers coupons to use on their purchases.

To access coupons on, select My Customers > Coupon Admin and Marketing. Once on the coupon admin tab, UFOs have options to create a coupon, view coupon marketing, and access coupon history. On the “Current Coupons” tab, coupons can be created for immediate use with values of either 10% or 15% off. These coupons can be used by your customers for Market America exclusive products.*

Once the coupons are created, head to the “Coupon Admin and Marketing” page to work on the campaign. UFOs can specify the country/region for the recipient, where to manage it, and what coupon to send. Then, users can choose an email template for the coupon. After previewing the template, UFOs can then send the coupon when ready. Also, UFOs can track the status of each campaign under the “Coupon Marketing History” tab.

Coupon marketing is a seamless and convenient process that occurs entirely on Try sending coupons to your customers today and

*Disclaimer: All coupons apply to Market America products only. Does not include Partner Store products, MOR products or Loren Jewels.

*Disclaimer: All coupons/code offers are funded by your retail profits. For example, if you elect to activate a coupon/code offer for a 10% discount, you will receive 10% less retail profit from the sale.

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The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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