Create And Share Dream Boards At MAWC2019 With JR Ridinger

At MAIC2018, JR Ridinger unveiled what he called his “dream board.” A dream board physically lists your hopes and goals through pictures and writings. It serves as a way to remind you of your dreams and to keep you focused on your goals.

JR wants you, the UnFranchise Owner, to share your dream board with Market America. Submit a picture of your dream board by Jan. 30 to reaffirm your belief and goals in this company. Read JR’s thoughts below on dream boards.

JR Ridinger

You’ve heard me say it: “Dream big, because you’ll never be bigger than your dreams.” I always say that you must have a dream for a dream to come true, and one of the best things you can do to help motivate yourself along the journey to success is to create a dream board filled with images that represent your goals. Dream boards serve as a powerful visual reminder of your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Creating a dream board is a process everyone should experience because it helps galvanize you and your team into action and gives you the inspiration you need to succeed!

At last year’s Market America | SHOP.COM 2018 International Convention, Loren and I shared our dream board with you. At the upcoming 2019 World Conference, we would like to further demonstrate the power of creating a dream board. All of our hopes and dreams are interwoven and interconnected — in essence, seeing your dreams become a reality is my dream! To help illustrate that point at #MAWC2019, I would like to feature your success with images of you and your dream boards!

We would love to see your dream boards before #MAWC2019. Click here to submit a picture of you with your dream board. It may sound cliché, but we all have dreams — and the first step to making them a reality is to visualize the lifestyle that you desire to ultimately manifest. If you haven’t created a dream board before, then this is the perfect time to do so, as the new year kicks off and we head into World Conference. If you’ve created a dream board in the past, use this opportunity to reflect on what you’ve accomplished while setting new goals and creating a new dream board. It will help you visualize success while also reinforcing the importance of accomplishing the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, which ultimately make those dreams a tangible reality.

Submit your dream board image today and help us show the world what the power of visualization, a proven business Plan and the power of people is all about.




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