Create More IBV With Product Clearance Specials

The company continues to identify ways for UnFranchise® Owners to create more IBV and thus more frequent and bigger IBV commissions

Periodically, Market America Worldwide makes product blowout/clearance specials available to UnFranchise Owners (UFOs). In the past, when a UFO purchased a product(s) on a blowout special, BV was created if BV was assigned to that product.

The company is pleased to announce that IBV is now assigned to products that are on a blowout/clearance special. Therefore, when purchasing products on a blowout special, a UFO can choose whether they want to create BV or IBV.

Click the below links to view and download a list of the products currently on a blowout special (available while supplies last) in each Market Country:

Important enhancement to the IBV Compensation Plan

Effective immediately, the previous cap of 150 IBV per monthly Q-date period on select exclusive products (for example, Snap™) and Shopping Annuity® Brand products has increased to 500 IBV per monthly Q-date period!

Alex Tauras

Alex Tauras


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