4 Creative Springtime Marketing Themes

Springtime is the perfect time for you to give it a shot with creative marketing ideas you’ve always wanted to try. In these moments of renewal, here are four concepts to incorporate into your retailing this spring!

1. Spring Cleaning

Whether you planned to or not, you’re likely scheduling in time to revitalize your home and especially your business spaces. Whether it’s your on-the-go office items, your gym equipment, or your vanity, highlight your use of Snap products for getting it all squeaky clean. 

Springtime Marketing includes making the spaces within which you market products clean and appealing.

How, then, do you market it? Take a before-and-after picture of your spaces with your Snap product of choice in view! If you’re savvy with Instagram Reels or TikTok, we would love to see video clips of your cleaning process, too! Below is an example of how to market your Snap products in a clean kitchen.

If your marketing is not so digitally oriented, it is still important for your display to be neat and inviting. Makeup artists’ clients don’t want their faces done at a vanity covered in eyeshadow streaks or foundation liquid. Prospective UFOs won’t take your Trial Sized Marketing Sample Packets if you’re digging them out of a briefcase filled with crumpled papers. Health nuts won’t want your Isotonix shakes recipes if your kitchen has a layer of grime. And fitness followers will certainly not take your word for the benefits of MycoAdapt and Daily Greens if your workout videos reveal dirty yoga mats or worn-out weights!

2. Tax Season

During springtime marketing, any entrepreneur who may be a prospective UFO will have taxes on their mind. Perhaps they already have entrepreneurial endeavors going on and are overwhelmed. Consider telling them about Hurdlr, an organizational app that will assist you in your taxes. 

Some ideas on how to utilize Hurdlr in your marketing include having the app at the ready on your phone, which requires you to be proactive and update your own taxes! If you’ve discovered the beauty of Hurdlr, you have likely been glad to never see your old tax work again. Well, take the pain of seeing them one more time by showing them to prospective UFOs side-by-side: a personal accountant application at your fingertips, or piles of paperwork? Then you say to them, “You choose.”

3. Accountability

In fact, the conversation about taxes is a great segway into general organizational ideas that you could offer them. For many entrepreneurs seeking ways to make money, we abstain from business options that lack structure or direction. You could illustrate how the UnFranchise Business Plan is unique in its business tools and resources by describing the 53 Challenge. This new challenge in honor of our beloved Dennis Franks is intentionally orchestrated to hold UFOs accountable for their progress as business owners.

At this point, you may want to illustrate the communal passion that the Market America family has for this business. One way to do that is to bookmark, literally, videos by our field leaders and even fellow UFOs that discuss how we support one another for each of us to be successful. It is the Market America family that encourages us all to stay focused and stay the course.

4. Social Media

Over the past couple of years, social media has transformed what it means to online shop. Not a single person has been able to fully keep up, and that’s okay! You are likely familiar with some platforms, but not others. If you’ve ever wanted to explore using a new platform – be it Instagram and TikTok, or blogging and YouTube – now’s the time to give it a shot. Take advantage of your springtime marketing because this is when everyone is taking chances with new ideas.


Remind yourself that the content you make doesn’t have to be perfect, and just have fun with it! Take as many pictures and videos as you want, download different apps to edit them and see which ones you like, post them and see how it goes!

Andrea Geller

Andrea Geller


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