The Opportunity in Sharing About Custom Blend on TikTok

There is no shortage of social media content out there so what will you do to stand out? Tiktok is a platform in which has taken the world by storm because of its entertaining short form video style that captivates and reaches a wide variety of audiences. The latest trend I’ve seen is custom foundation! I’m sharing below about the opportunity of sharing about Motives Custom Blend on this social media platform.

It’s no surprise to me that customizing your foundation is now trending on social media. While there are brands attempting to sell individual color customizing products, nothing beats the Motives Custom Blend system because most consumers desire to be taken care of from start to finish rather than doing it themselves. Having this one-on-one color matching experience beats having to buy each item individually and do it themselves. This could cost someone a pretty penny to do on their own but thanks to you, they don’t have to worry about that. That’s the beauty of being Custom Blend Certified with Motives. You can provide this service in addition to retailing the rest of our incredible line of products. This is one of the many things that makes the Motives brand truly unique.

A Success Story of One of Our Own

Motives Beauty Advisor, Cornelia Stevens has had major success on TikTok by sharing her Custom Blend virtual consultations. Overtime, her videos have reached over 500,000 people simply by sharing the behind the scenes of her mixing process and consultations. This goes to show how many people find watching these videos so satisfying. Not only did they watch, many have also inquired for a virtual Custom Blend consultation and have purchased from her. It’s stories like these that prove that being open to trying new things can be essential to any business.


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Cornelia did not magically gain this traction overnight however. She has been consistent in her social media marketing efforts and as we can see, it has truly been paying off. She is an active member of our Motives Pro-Partner Facebook Community Page and constantly is sharing her latest videos to inspire and help other Beauty Advisors. We applaud her “go-for-it” attitude!

Here’s a challenge:

If you are a Custom Blend Certified Motives Beauty Advisor, we challenge you to share about it on your social media platform of choice consistently for 1 month. Whether it’s showcasing before and afters of consultations like Cornelia, or showcasing your blending process, try it out! This is an opportunity for you to not only expand the reach of your Custom Blend business but also can potentially generate new consumer and professional partner leads.

If you’d love support from other Beauty Advisors and our Field Consultants, make sure you join our Motives Pro-Partner Facebook Page as we are constantly sharing ideas and collaborating in the group. Remember you’re in business for yourself, not by yourself.

For information on becoming Custom Blend Consultant, visit for field-led training opportunities. To follow us on TikTok click here.


Jacqueline Garcia-Casals

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals


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