Customize Your Skincare Regimen With Lumière de Vie

It’s time for your skin to look good and feel great from the A.M. to the P.M with Lumière de Vie.

Developed by Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin, Lumière de Vie is at the forefront of extraordinary skincare lines. Lumière de Vie promotes younger looking skin while improving clarity and revitalizing your overall radiance. Lumière de Vie products are designed to promote the natural healing process to rejuvenate all skin types and complexions. What sets it apart is its price because it is more affordable than its competing brands. Not only is it affordable, it’s the perfect product to fund your Shopping Annuity and earn Cashback and BV.

Lumière de Vie is all about customization. Everyone’s skin is different so make sure that you choose the right product to fit your needs. By using a A.M. to P.M. routine, you increase your chances of creating healthier and younger looking skin.

For an example of a typical A.M. to P.M. routine, we are going to highlight the first two steps in the regiment. They are the Micellar Cleanser and the Facial Cleanser.

The first step is the Lumière de Vie® Micellar Cleanser. It’s an all-in-one, waterless cleanser that gently removes makeup and purifies skin with no need to rinse or scrub. Scientifically designed with micelle molecules that lift dirt, makeup and impurities on contact, this advanced formula cleanses and conditions without clogging pores, making it the perfect choice for all skin types.


The second step is the Lumière de Vie® Facial Cleanser. It’s a powerful cleanser that helps to moisturize while cleansing, refreshing and invigorating the skin. The appearance of rough, dry skin is visibly diminished, creating skin that is softer and smoother.


The reviews are in and these products will give you results! Read some of the reviews below.

“You really get what you pay for! I know some people would be turned off by the price of this cleanser but what it did for my skin is amazing. It’s now so much smoother, softer, and there’s less redness. A little goes a long way. The milky consistency helped to hydrate my skin too. I’m just about to reorder my third bottle!”

“I do not usually give reviews, but this after one cleaning I could see an unbelievable difference. Love it!”

“I love this face cleanser. I use it daily and it keeps my face smooth and acne free. It’s great for removing makeup also. I’m glad I found this product line!”

To watch more videos about Lumière de Vie® products, go to the Lumière de Vie® Youtube page.

To shop Lumière de Vie, go to the Motives Cosmetics Website or SHOP.COM. 




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