Day 1 Afternoon Session Of MAWC2022: UnFranchise Recognition, Dr. Dee, And Fat Joe

Welcome to Day 1 Afternoon Session of MAWC2022. What a wonderful morning session we had. The energy in this contention center is magnetic! Let’s get into the recap for the afternoon!

UnFranchise Recognition

Andrew Weissman – Vice President – and Jim Winkler – Vice President of Sales – celebrated the accomplishments and achievements of many UnFranchise Owners.

Dr. Dee

Dr. Deedra Mason hit the stage to discuss TLS and the new products announced by Marc in the morning recap.

Dr. Dee invited out three speakers – Tamara Weinstein, Dr. Joe Taylor, and Gary Brecka – to talk about health and how we all need to put our health first and foremost.

Gary always brings great energy to the stage. He said that “consistency is key.”

Business Building

Andrew Weissman – Vice President – and Jim Winkler – Vice President of Sales – were joined onstage by Big Al, Don Martin, Dritan Hodo, and Allison Abbott. It’s all about consistency and having fun. These four are some of the best UnFranchise minds in the business.

“You don’t want to push people if you think you’re going to take something from them,” Dritan said.

Fat Joe

One of our favorite speakers, Fat Joe, came out to a standing ovation. Joe spoke about how happy he gets when he gets to speak at these events. “We are a family. It is our job to uplift each other. This is the only game in town” said Joe. In his words, he’s bringing it from the heart today.

Joe stressed that we need to stay focused. It’s about showing the plan and putting in the work. Joe talked about how there are people who may doubt you. “Let your darkness moments bring your most clarity,” Joe said.

In a touching moment, Joe talked about how Dennis Franks gave his heart and soul to Market America and the UnFranchise Family. Joe sent prayers out to his family because Dennis was a “true leader.” Joe told a funny story about Valentine’s Day and related it to stay focused. You have to be willing to fight.

Fat Joe always calls Market America the “best game in town. This is the business you want to be in.” Don’t get stuck on the 9-5 treadmill as Joe said. Joe loves Market America and it shows.

Power Profile

Brett Portelli closed with an inspiring afternoon session with a power profile.

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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