Day 1 Morning Session Of MAIC2021: Marc Ashley, Motives, And The Four Cornerstones Of Market America

Welcome to the 2021 Market America | SHOP.COM International Convention (#MAIC2021). MAIC2021 marks the first-ever hybrid major event in the company’s history, offering you the ability to attend in person at the Greensboro Coliseum and/or online from anywhere around the world via Swapcard.

If you’re reading this and haven’t purchased a ticket, you can still do so by clicking hereWith your ticket, you will have access to the MAIC2021 and all of the breakout sessions. Plus, ticket owners will have access to the replays for 14 days after the conference ends.

Andrew Weissman – Vice President –  and Jim Winkler – Vice President of Sales – kicked off the morning with their preshow address, where they highlighted the upcoming presentations for the day. After their discussion, it was time for the flags and color guard ceremony, where every market country was represented and showcased.

Welcome to the 2021 Market America | SHOP.COM International Convention – Loren Ridinger

Senior Executive Vice President of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Loren Ridinger started off MAIC2021 with her introduction speech. Loren thanked everyone who attended in person as well as those who are following along at home on Swapcard. Loren said, “In a time like this, the world needs a lot of kindness.” She’s glad Market America has stayed strong during these tough times.

On behalf of the Market America family, Loren welcomed the entire audience to MAIC2021. Loren believes that through Market America’s revolutionary technology and the power of people, MA is creating the economy of the future. Loren said, “Together we are changing the world.”

Touching on the last 18 months, Loren described how this was something we could have never predicted. The UnFranchise Business continues with perseverance and unity, and Loren is extremely proud of the company for sticking together. “Immense possibility exists in intense difficulty,” Loren said.

Market America is moving, and this company is just getting starting. Loren stressed how there is still so much opportunity still in front of us. This moment has been building for 30 years. The company continues to produce great products, which are all powered by great people. As Loren said, “Don’t ever be discouraged by the distance. Be inspired by the journey.”

This next chapter is all about progress, and this chapter says go for it. Loren closed with her signature quote: “It doesn’t matter when you get into Market America. All that matters is when Market America gets into you.”

Four Cornerstones

Executive Vice President of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Dennis Franks, Executive Vice President of Asia-Pacific Kevin Buckman, Vice President Andrew Weissman, and Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler walked onstage to discuss the four cornerstones.

Dennis was up first, and he restated the Market America mission statement. The four cornerstones of Market America are:

  • Binomial Marketing and the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP)
  • UnFranchise Business Systems
  • Product Brokerage
  • One-to-One Marketing and Converting Spending into Earning

The MPCP offers better cash flow, higher retention, and potential for supplemental income. This plan includes a sophisticated tracking system with the potential for weekly commissions. UFOs can earn from multiple business centers^.

The UnFranchise Business Systems features standardization and uniformity to facilitate duplication of result (BV/IBV) producing activities. These systems include systemized and standardized strategies and practices that are highly accessible.

Product brokerage can be contributed to Market America’s growth over the last 30 years. Market America has hundreds of exclusive products and services with access to multi-billion-dollar markets. This allows the company flexibility to move within the marketplace.

One-to-One Marketing is based on the phrase “people hate to be sold but love to buy.” UnFranchise Owners build their business one customer at a time. It’s relationship marketing, providing solutions to the wants and needs of the customer.

Converting Spending into Earning is another phrase for the Shopping Annuity, which is a revolutionary concept. People convert their spending into earning through the UnFranchise Business and SHOP.COM. When you or anyone you lead to shops online, you get 100% of the credit for those purchases.

Marc Ashley – Product Brokerage: The Next Chapter

Marc Ashley – President & COO of Market America Worldwide – came out for his first of two presentations at MAIC2021. Marc reiterated Market America’s focus as a company, which is to make sure that UFOs don’t have to spend time on anything other than prospecting and recruiting. Marc said, “Great plan, great products, great people. If one doesn’t work, then the company doesn’t work. ”

Marc takes pride in the fact that Market America provides products in multiple billion-dollar markets. One of the markets, immune health & support, has been at the forefront of culture for the last 18 months. Marc showcased Isotonix products that have been a staple in Market America’s immune health & support department. A lot of these products have been in Market America for decades.

After discussing immune products, Marc turned his attention to functional and wellbeing tea products. Trim Tea, Shopping Annuity Premium Green Tea, and Shopping Annuity Premium Immunitea are some of the teas available to UnFranchise Owners. Marc introduced the newest tea in Market America, the Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Wellbeing Tea. This wellbeing tea is an adaptogenic tea that can give you both energy and calm your nerves.

Immune health is very important, but so is mental health and wellbeing. Isolation, financial stress, and lifestyle changes have all been attributed to poor mental health over the last 18 months. Products such as Bliss, Turn Down, and Isotonix Magnesium are a few products that can help combat stress and promote good mental health.

Marc continued to spotlight new products such as Isotonix Sexual Health and Thermochrome™ V6. They both include best-in-class ingredients that are backed by science. One product, thymenol, is a special combination of ThmyoQuin and Pycnogenol. Another product, ultimate aloe with astareal astaxanthin, was a breakthrough for this business. With all products, they are always of the highest quality with extremely high-quality standards.

Marc transitioned to the next chapter of the business. Marc said, “If you don’t make time for your wellness, then you will make time for your illness.” Some of the newest products are the Heart Health Blood Pressure and Vascular Support. Click for more information on this product! Then, Marc was very excited to announce the latest product, Neuro Focus. Click here for more information on Neuro Focus.

To end his presentation, Marc talked about the upcoming World Conference in 2022. It will be in a new city, Fort Lauderdale, and a new venue, Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina. From now until Sunday at midnight, when you buy 3 tickets to #MAWC2022, you will get a package with some of the company’s most revolutionary products such as Shopping Annuity Wellbeing Tea and Neuro Focus. You can also use Sezzle to purchase your tickets.

Wait, there’s more. If you purchase the three tickets in this special promotion, you have a chance to automatically be entered to win a golden ticket. If you find a golden ticket in your package, you will receive:

  • VIP Access for you and one guest during #MAWC2022
  • Complimentary round-trip airfare for you to #MAWC2022
  • Complimentary 4-night stay at the gorgeous Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina
  • $3,000 USD or equivalent credit on your account to use towards products, etc.

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Maria Checa – Creative Consultant for Motives – hit the stage, which means it’s time for Motives! Maria announced Motives’ latest campaign, Sublime. Motives Sublime Eye Shadow Palette features beautiful shades that give the night something to obsess over with your sublime new look. It is ready for preorder so you should get them before the holidays.

Wayne Liu – Senior Vice President and General Manager of Perfect Corp – joined Maria onstage to discuss the Motives partnership with Perfect Corp. This new partnership will help bring Motives to the next level! The new Motives Try Me Feature allows users to see how the makeup will look on one’s face.

Maria brought Dr. Dee and Felicia Wallace onstage to showcase their makeovers and we can all agree that they are ready to take the world by storm!

Power Profile

Senior Master Coordinator Pam Valentine shared her entrepreneurial journey in Market America. One of the most important things you can do is buy tickets to the next event. Pam discussed how beneficial Zoom has been to her business.

Jim and Andrew closed the session with a recap of the morning’s presentations.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

^Earnings depicted are aytpical and the success of any UnFranchise Owner will depend upon the amount of hard work, talent, and dedication which he or she devotes to building his or her Market America business. For typical earnings, see

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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