Day 1 Of MAWC2019: The Shopping Annuity With Marc Ashley

Welcome to MAWC2019! We are so happy to be in Miami with the UnFranchise® Community. Today was all about the Shopping Annuity® and how it has been updated and enhanced to make it easier and more convenient for UFOs to convert spending into earning. Scroll below for a recap of Day 1 of MAWC2019.

The Shopping Annuity – Marc Ashley

The President & COO of Market America Marc Ashley came to the stage full of energy and enthusiasm. Marc stressed that Market America is building a BV and IBV machine for you. It’s a machine that has cutting edge products with more BV and IBV than ever before. “All of this ties into the Shopping Annuity. It is a game changer. The end game for the Shopping Annuity is that no one will have to search, just one click and we’ll serve up exactly what you want with: the best price, highest IBV, and best shipping.”

Mar began to discuss what separates the Shopping Annuity apart from the rest of the competition. It has the right plan with the right people and the right products. For 27 years, the mission of the company has never changed. Market America is a product brokerage company that looks for products in billion dollar industries. These products recruit themselves and bring on more customers. Marc said, “We are built by product and powered by people. We have never changed this idea for 27 years.”

As Marc mentioned earlier, the Shopping Annuity has landed and is ready to go into warped speed and it all starts with the revolutionary products. Marc went on a summary of how products such as Trim Tea, Trim Cafe, and Probiotics 10 changed the game in 2018 as he revealed positive testimonials from UFOs in regards to the products.

Marc then made the first formal announcement of the latest product from Isotonix, Complete Greens. The product launched in early December 2018 and it’s the only organic isotonic-capable green supplement on the market today. In order to further explain Complete Greens, Marc brought Dr. Deedra Mason, the Director of Clinical Education & Research, to the stage. Dr. Mason said that every person could benefit from taking Complete Greens. Greens offer a powerful blend of plant-sourced nutrients and antioxidants that are missing in our modern diets. Despite the wonderful benefits of Complete Greens, one still needs to eat fruits and vegetables daily. Complete Greens is not a replacement, but an addition to your diet. Dr. Mason said her mission for 2019 is to “Eat clean, eat green, and don’t be mean in 2019.”

The next product mentioned was Bliss Anti-Stress Formula. Dr. Mason explained that Bliss helps in the battle against stress and how to turn it into healthy stress in order to relax. Bliss is not just for women and people that suffer from a lot of stress. Everyone can benefit from taking Bliss because it promotes relaxation with drowsiness, helps stabilize moods, and maintains mental stamina.

Then, Marc teased new products on the way. A nutraceutical collagen can strengthen skin, bones, cartilage, hair, and connective tissue. Also, ThymoQuin is a clinically researched ingredient of Black Cumin Seed. ThymoQuin is going to be like OPC-3 and Pycnogenol. Marc explained how there has been quite a lot of buzz with CBD oil and hemp. Marc stressed that Market America will only source the best and focus on quality. By using the best parts of the hemp plant, Market America will hope to give a productive, full spectrum health application.

The first product mission involves cutting edge products. Now, it was time to discuss the second product mission, which is to provide everyday consumable products. This is where the Shopping Annuity Brand comes in. The products on the SA line that the team have launched are the products that were voted on by UFOs. The first product on the SA line was toothpaste. The next product was organic hand soap, which has 50% BV. Hand sanitizer was also added to the line. The latest product to the Shopping Annuity Brand is shave cream, which is available today. The shave cream leaves skin feeling soft and smooth and helps support skin moisture and hydration. Disposable razors for men and women, refill cartridges, sunscreen, and coffee have been recently added to the Shopping Annuity Brand. Marc said, “By using these products, your BV side of the business will skyrocket.” Flushable wipes and baby wipes are on the way!

Marc made a huge announcement as he introduced the crowd to Super IBV. Super IBV consists of products with the best prices and highest IBV. UFOs will be able to buy Super IBV products that are generic brands that do the same thing as the name brands. Marc showed an example of Tylenol and a generic pain reliever. Tylenol was $5.99 and usually somewhere from 4%-6% IBV. The Super IBV pain reliever is $3.99 and worth 50% IBV. Other Super IBV products on the way are allergy medicine, night-time / day-time cold & Flu, antacids, and naproxen pain reliever. Much more are also on the way and will all be worth 40%-50% IBV!

There are also going to be 3rd party branded products for the Super IBV brand. Whitening mouthwash by Dr. Brite, breath freshener, teeth whitening, dental floss, trash bags, and cotton swabs are just a few of the 3rd party brands that are in the works for the Super IBV line. In addition to these consumables, Rastelli Market Fresh has partnered with Market America | SHOP.COM to create four market fresh bundles of various meats that are cheaper than competing brands and it comes with Super IBV and free shipping. More updates to Super IBV are E-Gift cards. For a $40 E-Gift Card, you get $100 worth of food on You can also put these E-Gift cards on UnFranchise autoship. Most importantly, you can earn Super IBV on these purchases.

Marc teased that tomorrow morning, there will be a new travel program with the best prices and highest IBV as possible. IBV can be earned from both local and national brands through OneCart. Furthermore, SHOP Local is a way to support local business and earn IBV. SHOP Local is growing globally.

Shopping Annuity (cont.) – Chris Peddycord

Vice President of Business Integration Chris Peddycord walked onstage to discuss the Shopping Annuity. The four pieces of the Shopping Annuity are digital aggregation, product matching, uberization, and concierge. These four parts working together will help the business to blow up and expand. Chris said, “If we get everyone in this room to flex their collective buying power, it will raise our margins and UFOs will make more money.” To stress the point, JR Ridinger ran onto the stage and passionately told the crowd to vote on the products to add to the Shopping Annuity Brand. If you keep asking, the team will keep delivering.

Chris explained that UFOs have had problems in the past with the Shopping Annuity Assessment in the past because it was taking too long to match people to product especially for consumables. Now, thanks to your feedback, the SA Assessment and has less bulk in order to find products faster and easier. With less categories, it will make it easier to identify products on the website. Although there are less products, these are the top products in each field for the best price.




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