Day 2 Afternoon Session Of MAIC2021: JR Ridinger, Lumière de Vie, And Fat Joe

Welcome to the afternoon session from Day 2 of MAIC2021! The morning was great. Let’s make the afternoon even better, shall we?

UnFranchise Recognition

Vice President Andrew Weissman and Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler recognized the following groups at MAIC2021 for their successful efforts in Market America: Executive Supervising Coordinator, Directors, and Executive Directors.

JR Ridinger

JR Ridinger – Founder, Chairman, and CEO – electrified the crowd with his entrance. As JR said, “Disruption creates opportunity.” It’s time to GSD – get stuff done. Opportunity and progress get things done. JR thanked everyone for attending MAIC2021, both in-person and virtually.

JR likened this event to Noah’s arc, two-by-two, which is similar to building two legs of the business. These events are JR’s ark. JR said, “This is the next chapter. Will you be on the ark?” All we need to do is make progress because progress leads to happiness. To the younger generation, anything is possible. Progress and innovation don’t stop.

Disruption can lead to acceleration. Look at the Zoom revolution and how it’s accelerated the UnFranchise Business. Now, you can build the business online and stay in touch with your teammates. Market America | SHOP.COM | The UnFranchise Business is the paradigm shift. Just look at the last two major events, which had more than 15,000+ online attendees. Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.

JR believes that everybody can be a star and everybody can be successful. A lot of this success be accredited to the technology and products that have been introduced in Market America. The UnFranchise Marketing App, SHOP LIVE, Virtual Try Me Feature, Sezzle, Neuro Focus, Heart Health Blood Pressure, and Vascular Health, and the Shopping Annuity Wellbeing Tea are just some of the enhancements and products introduced over the last 18 months.

We (the business) are relevant and we are a solution. JR stressed that people power is something that Market America was built on. JR said, “We are leading the parade.” The original genesis of Market America was the movie idea – word of mouth referral led to the idea of one-to-one marketing. According to JR, “You are in the right place at the right time with the right products.” JR then went over the “prime the pump” and bean jar example to show how to find new teammates. Remember to establish your “why.”

Market America came from this idea: Provide the solution for average people wanting to be entrepreneurs with a more realistic and more profitable compensation plan^. The universal shopping cart and the multi-merchant site helps set us apart from the rest. Products, technology, and the MPCP can lead to better business results! Market America | SHOP.COM is starting to be recognized by more outlets as a digital marketing company, which JR was happy to report.

From there, JR announced a huge update for the Master UnFranchise Owner Program (MUFO). Starting this October, if you achieve MUFO status, you will receive 6 months of free shipping.

Lumière de Vie

Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin – Creator of Lumiere de Vie, Layered & DNA Miracles – and Kim Ashley – Director of Motives & Skincare – cam back out to discuss Lumiere De Vie products. The duo invited out a model to the stage to showcase some of the newest moisturizers and creams.

Loren Ridinger then joined the women to stress the importance of Lumiere de Vie Hydrate X3. Skincare regiments are of the utmost importance. Both men and women need to exfoliate their skin on a daily basis. Amber shared a tip with the eye revive gels: put it in the fridge! The cool feeling will feel great on your skin. Plus, don’t forget to use SPF!

For those asking about what products to recommend to your customers, check out the Skincare Marketing Material, which is available in your back office on There is also a Custom Skin quiz, which can help pair you with the right products depending on your skin.

Fat Joe

Joseph Cartagena aka Fat Joe – President of Urban & Latino Development – hit the stage for one of our favorite presentations of the weekend. Joe said, “For people who are successful, 99% of them did the work.” Joe believes this business is built on belief. You can’t do anything if you don’t believe it.

You can’t succeed in Market America if you don’t help others. Joe said, “There is no way to be successful if you don’t believe in yourself. That’s the major key.” Sometimes, we get in the way of ourselves. Joe shared a story about how insecurities can get the better of ourselves. Do not block your blessings.

A lot of people suffer from doubt. A lot of UnFranchise Owners drown in doubt. Joe said, “There is a moment in your life where it seems risky. I believe in everybody’s life that there is an invisible train to success. If you take the challenge and get on the train, you can be successful. One team, one dream.”

Joe closed his presentation with this: Yesterday’s UnFranchise Owner is not today’s UnFranchise Owner.

Power Profile

Senior Master Coordinator Jakayla Mason stated that “it’s not what happens to you, but how you react. You can go from tragedy to triumph.” Jakayla was an inspirational ball of energy, bringing the crowd to their feet multiple times.

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The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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