Day 2 Morning Session MAWC 2017: Everything You Need to Build Your Shopping Annuity, UFO Media App and GMTSS

World Conference got off with a bang yesterday – day one was unreal! There were so many amazing moments that will go down as some of the best in the history of Market America Events. Like JR always says, “Keep Growing” and we grew on the morning session of Day two. It was jam packed with useful and informative information about topics such as the UnFranchise Media App, SHOP Local, and the GMTSS.

Once again, Vice President Andrew Weissman welcomed the raucous crowd to Day 2 and got us ready for the festivities to follow. Andrew announced some of the contest winners for the Instagram contests and gave away some tickets to International Convention.

Without further ado, here’s the recap for the Day 2 Morning session:

UnFranchise Media App – David Whited

Executive Director David Whited started the morning off with some words of wisdom, “The past does not equal the future. Success is dependent on your ability to do simple tasks and duplicate them with other people.” David spoke about how everyone is the same in this room. Everyone has the same products and business plans, but the X-factor is you!

David shared with the crowd about his financial and business struggles earlier on in his life. David learned about the business through audio and cassette tapes and truly treasures how this company changed his life. The audios gave him hope and kept his “flame” burning deep inside him, keeping him motivated in this business. JR even swears by audio tapes, claiming he has listened to at least one audio tape a day since he was 20 years old.

David described the UnFranchise Media App and the UFOs as “Flawsome.” Flawsome is an individual who embraces their flaws and knows they are awesome regardless. The newly improved and updated app includes a couple hundred audio sessions as well as detailed descriptions of every video in the app.

Everything You Need to Build Your Shopping Annuity – Marc Ashley, Steve Ashley, and Eddie Alberty

The stage was up in (literal) flames as President & COO of Market America Worldwide, Marc Ashley, made a spectacular entrance to the main stage. Marc teased the crowd with future updates and never-before-seen additions to the company that will be coming soon. Marc stressed that ,“You will earn on every dollar you spend!”

Marc highlighted “brick and mortar” stores such as Macy’s and Office Depot are closing more stores every year in favor of online stores, which Market America has been doing for 15 plus years. Marc gave a real live example of how online shopping through Market America and SHOP.COM will not only save you money, but will earn you Cashback and IBV. More and more partner stores are allowing in-store pickup such as Bloomingdales and Walmart because of its convenience and removal of delivery costs. You can even earn Cashback on tax preparation sites.

eGift Cards are becoming more lucrative to buy through SHOP.COM. The value of the eGift Card Center is growing so much because the cards are IBV eligible and the rise of distressed gift cards, where you pay less for more value, is increasing. For example, you can buy a $50 gift card for only $30. Marc announced that is also on the rise because UFOs now have 1 year to use the gift cards, which only used to be 30 days. “You tell us what to do and we will push hard for it to happen.” Marc credits that by working directly with merchants, they continue to get more companies to sell eGift Cards through SHOP.COM such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Papa Johns. The best part is the instant Cashback rewards and IBV rates are increasing on the eGift Cards and there is NO expiration if you buy through SHOP.COM.

Marc re-introduced ‘The Double Dip’, where you get paid twice on the same amount of money you spend. You will get Cashback and IBV when you buy it through SHOP.COM and when you redeem it on the partner store site. Not enough? Well, Marc introduced the Triple Dip Bonus. If you do the Double Dip and use the SHOP.COM credit card to make your purchase, you will earn more Cashback and IBV. “With eGift Cards coming from new stores such as iTunes and Nike, why would anyone ever buy anything without going to SHOP.COM first?”

The most significant change in the partner store program has been how your Cashback and IBV numbers continue to increase! SHOP.COM Direct, SHOP.COM Office Supplies, and SHOP.COM Groceries all put more money back into your pocket. Direct shopping in the SHOP.COM Marketplace gives you the chance to potentially earn 15% IBV and it’s free shipping over $50.

Marc energized the crowd when he discussed what is coming soon to SHOP.COM. Soon, you will be able to buy single items through SHOP Groceries as well as in bulk and SHOP.COM will ship it instantly. SHOP.COM Fashion and the OneCart Direct Marketplace program are on the way as well. If you sign up for a warranty and protection plan through SHOP.COM, you will receive Cashback and IBV. You can use your Cashback for all purchases as well.

Marc kicked it to the big screen for a video announcemtn from successful entrepreneur, Daymond John. Daymond officially announced the Daymond John Collection Line that is now available on SHOP.COM. Daymond is thrilled to bring his collection to SHOP.COM because it is a new way for UFOs to feed their Shopping Annuity. Marc also announced new updates to SHOP Travel as well as a Triple Cashback Event from February 28 to March 13, where certain partner stores will give you triple cashback for your purchases through the participating stores.

SHOP Local became the topic of conversation as the number of SHOP Local stores have increased to over 11,000 in the last year and new stores such as McDonalds and Jiffylube have been added. SHOP Local is the best of both worlds because you have the ability to earn Cashback and support local businesses in your neighborhood.

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Eddie Alberty joined Marc on stage to talk about the benefits of SHOP Local. It all starts with linking your credit card to SHOP Local. From there, use the SHOP.COM app to find stores in your area that are SHOP Local affiliated. Then, the best part happens. Eat and earn Cashback!

UFOs can even sign up merchants and if they sign up, you will earn 1% IBV for ALL purchases at that store. “SHOP Local is a game changer. It funds your Shopping Annuity and you can get Cashback!”

To read more on SHOP Local, click here.

What’s one thing that hasn’t been touched on yet? Deals. Marc talked about SHOP Buddy and how it finds you the best deals on all of its partner stores. If you go to another site, SHOP Buddy will try to match and beat the deal that you are looking at on non-partner stores site such as Amazon. It’s important to have all of your team members install SHOP Buddy.

The SHOP Buddy is on SHOP.COM to show you the top shops and deals. If you have SHOP Buddy and you use a search engine like Google or Bing to shop, if a site is a partner store, you will see a SHOP Buddy icon that will give you the Cashback amount that you can potentially receive. The Deal Finder also adjusts “apply promo code” to “find savings” at checkout, which will plug your coupon codes in automatically and give you the best deal.

Marc invited the charismatic President & COO of SHOP.COM Steve Ashley to the stage to talk about the simplification of the new site. The addition of the Cashback tracker shows how over $29 million in Cashback rewards have been given back to the consumers. The updates to the My Account section and Search bar. Overall, the whole site got a “much needed makeover.”

The ability to put featured deals and favorite stores on one page will make SHOP.COM more user-friendly. Putting in features such as Cashback reminders, comparison pages, and benefits of products will make selling products to customers even easier. Wedding registries will soon be SHOP.COM friendly as well.

When you combine Market America Brands with all of the things in this presentation, it all leads to the one theme of converting spending into earning.

GMTSS – A Call To Action – Jim Winkler

Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler came out to talk about the Global Meeting, Training, and Seminar System (GMTSS). The GMTSS allows businesses to grow and it protects businesses from falling apart. The assembly of people at World Conference gives you the belief that you can make this happen. Jim said, “Belief is our number one product. Seeing other people succeed gave that belief to me.” Jim urged UFOs to let the company now if there’s not a GMTSS in your area in order to eventually bring one there. Jim said it’s a call to action to try and sell out MAIC 2017.

Power Profile

Executive Field Vice Presidents Tony and Pam Bowling described their experiences in previous multilevel marketing companies. It did not work and they went into debt. They were desperate. It was not until they received a call to watch a business presentation from JR Ridinger himself. After watching an in-person presentation from JR and Dennis Franks, they were ready to get started. Pam described how they did not have a sponsor and were completely under the tutelage of JR.  “We did not have a sponsor. JR adopted us as our sponsor. We can adopt anyone in the GMTSS.”

Through hardwork and belief, the Bowlings were able recruit 60 team members to the first International Convention. Over two decades later, they still have the same passion and dedication that they had in 1993.
The day 2 morning session kept us quite engaged. We can’t wait to see what is up this afternoon!

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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