Day 2 Morning Session Of MAWC2022: SHOP.COM, Marc Ashley, And The Pam And Tony Bowling Award

Welcome to the Day 2 Morning Session of MAWC2022. What a first day we had! Between new products and announcements, we are setting the stage for what could be the greatest conference ever!

Let’s get into the morning recap!

SHOP.COM And New Technologies

Steve Ashley – President and COO of SHOP.COM – came out in a blaze of glory! Steve started off with a bang by discussing the addition of Instacart and how it can add more IBV to your UnFranchise. Steve continued to spotlight more OneCart stores as well as discuss how great Rastelli’s has been as a partner store.

Steve then shared a huge announcement. Eddie Alberty and his team went to our grocery warehouse selected 1000s of new products, organic and gluten-free, and available in singles. The complete list is available in Swapcard.

The announcements kept coming in as Steve discussed how the GMTSS was added to the UnFranchise Marketing App. Then, Steve reintroduced the audience to Bitpay and how customers can pay in cryptocurrency on SHOP.COM. This has led to thousands of more customers. Shiba Inu became the 12th cryptocurrency available. Plus, BitPay will be added to starting in March.

Next, it was time for Phase 2A: “Pay me in bitcoin.” Your customers will be able to see a redemption. It will redeem to your bank or bitcoin. Steve said this feature can “It can be an asset that will grow in value thanks to the addition.” It will be live on SHOP US by the end of March followed by additional Market Countries. At the end of the year, customers will get the choice of Cashback or a percentage of Bitcoin.

The metaverse is here at Market America | SHOP.COM according to Steve. NFTs are on the way. Once the first thousand are gone, they will not be available for a few years.


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Marc Ashley

Marc Ashley – President & COO of Market America Worldwide – hit the stage for his second presentation of the event. Marc recapped his speech yesterday, where he introduced new, revolutionary products, which you can find here.

If yesterday was about products, today is about technology. One of our best marketing tools are the trial-sized marketing packets, and Marc announced new additions for sample packs – Thermochrome, Neuro Focus, and Bliss. More importantly, Marc added one bliss sample pack to the MAIC2022 30th Anniversary Ticket Promotion.


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All UFOs have been given the UnFranchise Marketing App. It can be downloaded in the app store of your iPhone or Android device. Marc went over the revolutionary features of the app such as upselling a customer, sending products to customers, purchasing products, 7-day follow-up system.

Then, Marc covered SHOP LIVE, an exclusive shoppable Livestream platform for customers and UFOs to watch. Marc said, “Without our newest cutting edge technology, we are changing the way we shop.” Marc discussed a new feature called in-tab-ecommerce. Customers can click on products and buy them while never leaving the livestream. It will appear in the bottom corner so customers can toggle back and forth between it. The best part is that there will be analytics at the end of each livestream, meaning users will get a breakdown as to what products were clicked on and bought.

Marc Ashley just had our Pulse Feature Announcement! Teased last event, with this new feature on the UnFranchise Marketing app, you will be able to keep a finger on the pulse of your customers. From notifications of new customers’ first orders to tracking recurring orders, you will be updated regularly and have the ability to customize your digital interactions as a retailer!

Learn more here.

Pam and Tony Bowling Award

For the awards presentation, Marc Ashley and Loren Ridinger were joined on stage with Dennis Franks’s daughter and grandchildren. Marc and Loren said nothing but beautiful words about Dennis, and the entire Market America family misses him dearly.

For the award, Pam and Tony were two of the most successful, respectful, and honorable UFOs in Market America’s history. The 2nd annual award winner was gifted to Elizabeth Weber.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Weber on this tremendous honor!

Layered and Lumiere de Vie

Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin – Creator of Lumiere de Vie, Layered & DNA Miracles – and Kim Ashley – Director of Motives & Skincare – discussed the new products and advancements for Layered and LDV. They shared skincare tips and how to style Layered jewelry. Also, Amber conducted a Q&A for a “get to know me” session.


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Motives New Direction


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Loren Ridinger – Senior Executive Vice President of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM – closed the morning session with a “look ahead” for the future of Motives. Loren invited Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin, Lisa Martin, Leigh Raeder, Geo Burke, Mary Floyd, Kim Ashley, Maria Checa, and Sara Bell Smith. According to Loren, they are taking this year BACK!


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