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Day 3 Morning Session of MAIC2020: SHOP.COM, Fat Joe, And The Tony & Pam Bowling Award

Welcome to Day 3 of MAIC2020! Can you believe it’s the last day? Time flies when you’re learning and growing as entrepreneurs!

Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler and Vice President Andrew Weissman kicked off the pre-show festivities with the social media address.

World-renowned actress and singer Jennifer Lopez recored a thoughtful video where she discussed her love for the Ridingers and Market America.

SHOP.COM – Steve Ashley

President & COO Steve Ashley energized the crowd to start the morning session. Steve discussed how the pandemic made the SHOP.COM rethink their 2020 goals. Instead of meeting in a room, they went virtual. Steve said, “We have been more productive remotely in 2020 than we have been in person.” Steve mentioned that the demand was off the charts for products on SHOP.COM.

On SHOP.COM, now UnFranchise Owners and Customers can order ‘backordered’ products and the company will ship them once the inventory comes in. Also, you can preorder new products. When they come into stock, you will get them before anyone else if you preorder. 45 days ago, SHOP.COM implemented worldwide AutoShip. Since then, AutoShip has been up 70%. Steve said, “That means more BV, IBV, and Cashback for you. Through recommendations, we are creating smarting shopping with SHOP.COM, UnFranchise, and our customer sites.”

Steve highlighted exclusive deals for MAIC2020 including SHOP Local. With SHOP Local, earn IBV and Cashback for dining in, takeout, or pickup. Steve suggested activating every offers in your area before going out because it’s free to do. From there, Steve discussed that SMS messaging for UnFranchise can now be used through WhatsApp. Steve said, “This is like the NCAA Tournament. The great part is every wins in this tournament.”

Nutri-Physical is undergoing a complete overhaul. Instead of one long questionnaire, it’s a series of short quizzes of which will generate recommendations. Nutri-Physical will launch in the US next month. Steve finished by saying, “Everyone needs to be in Vegas because it’s like no event we’ve ever done before.”

Gala Awards – Jim Winkler and Andrew Weissman

Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler and Vice President Andrew Weissman came out for the Gala Awards. Usually, the Gala takes place Friday night of MAIC, but since this is a virtual event, the company announced the winners onstage.


  • Consultant of the Year – Pam Cleary
  • HP of the Year: Allied HP – Susan Markowitz
  • HP of the Year: Medical HP – Dr. Joseph and Rebecca Carfi


  • Certified Trainer of the Year – Russell Polo


  • Coach of the Year – Kim Hsu
  • Trainer of the Year – Yen-Chih Lu

Motives & Skincare

  • Trainer of the Year – Vena Pearson-Hudgins
  • Beauty Advisor of the Year – Melody Sopa

Fastest Growing UFO – Wan-Ting Lin

Top Retailer – Christopher Sarli

Certified Trainer of the Year – Ping He

Top Organizational Builder: National Supervising Coordinator and Below – Yoke Siew

Top Organizational Builder: Executive Supervising Coordinator and Above – Chele Boe

Worldwide Market of the Year – Canada

Tony & Pam Bowling Award – Marc Ashley

President and COO of Market America Worldwide Marc Ashley first shared some words about Rick Hannon, who recently passed away. One of Rick’s favorite sayings was “Whatever it is in life, just get a step ahead. Tip toe if you must. It could be an inch. Just take a small little step.”

Then, Marc talked about this bittersweet day because he’s proud to honor Pam and Tony Bowling, but still mourns them. The award was originally the “Tony Bowling Award,” but it’s now the “Tony & Pam Bowling Award.” Tony and Pam were two of the most successful, respectful, and honorable UFOs in Market America’s history.

The winners of the 2020 Tony & Pam Bowling Award are Cullen and Trinity Haskins. The couple thanked the entire corporate team for the honor. Cullen said, “It’s very hard to speak after watching the video of Tony and Pam. I always looked up to their values as people. One team one dream.”

After the award ceremony, DJ Khaled recorded a special message for the virtual crowd.

Fat Joe

Once “Lean Back” played over the speakers, it was time for President of Urban & Latino Development Joseph “Fat Joe” Cartagena. Fat Joe shared his condolences for Tony and Pam Bowling. Fat Joe stated that during these tough times, over 40 million people have lost their jobs throughout this pandemic. Fat Joe said, “No 9-to-5 job is safe. Every job is expendable. There comes a time where you can be fired.”

Fat Joe believed that Market America was created to even the system. The average man and woman can become successful with the UnFranchise. Most people have the will to succeed, but they never had the right plan. The UnFranchise is the right plan.

Fat Joe shared a story about loyalty and family and togetherness. Fat Joe’s accountant was taking advantage of him and not paying his taxes. When Fat Joe went to court, the one face that stood out to him was Loren Ridinger. Loren invited Joe to the house and offered Joe $1 million to help him out. Fat Joe said, “Your darkest moments bring the most clarity.” Joe denied the check, but he wanted to be shown the business instead in order to secure his financial future. It was a time to turn tragedy into triumph as Joe began showing the plan and attending UBPs.

Joe shared another story about the time he interviewed Alicia Keys for his television show. She said her biggest accomplishment is her sanity. Then, Joe discussed how Market America has its own ecosystem. Joe said, “JR created a bubble long a go with this ecosystem called Market America. It’s been there to protect ourselves. We don’t advertise and put money into the products. The world could learn about our diversity in Market America. We love each other and encourage each other to win.”

Joe stressed that you have to put into the work. “If you’re driven, if you’re the person that’s coachable, this business is the greatest business in the world for you. You’ll never find this opportunity nowhere else in the world.” Joe encouraged the crowd to come to World Conference in Vegas. The only way to “cheat” in this business is to come to World Conference.

Power Profiles – Mary & Giorgio Simonetta and Nicole Forbes

Mary and Giorgio Simonetta said it does not matter where you come from in this business. It’s about where you want to go. Mary believed in the Shopping Annuity, and decided to further pursue it. Mary said, “Loren, you’ve taught us to be the president of our own lives.”

Nicole Forbes was humbled to speak to the virtual crowd. Nicole explained how she wanted to design her life around her kids. Nicole mentioned how a few years back, she was at International Convention and had a magic moment. She started crying and knew she had to get “some skin in the game.” By the next major event, she achieved a new pin level.

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