Day 3 Morning Session Of MAIC2021: Steve Ashley, JR Ridinger, And Zoom

Can you believe it’s Day 3? MAIC2021 has been an event of historic proportions! We’re not stopping anytime soon!

All Things Tech With Steve Ashley

Steve Ashley – President and COO of SHOP.COM – opened the morning in a blaze of glory as he brought the crowd to his feet! Steve shared the news that 99% of things he will talk about are available now on SHOP.COM.

To start the presentation, Steve touched on new additions to the eGift Card Center and SHOP Local. With the latter, earning IBV has never been easier thanks to SHOP Local and the thousands of restaurants available. Then, with the SHOP.COM UFO Business Card, users can earn 1% BV on every purchase. There’s no annual fee!

It was time to talk about SHOP.COM enhancements. The SHOP.COM team strives for more personalization and recommendations. One of the biggest additions has been Sezzle, which is a buy now, pay later option. Steve said, “Simple, easy, and user-friendly. That’s the key to building.” On, the new all-in-one dynamic search is live this week!

From there, Steve transitioned to the UnFranchis Business App. You can purchase products directly from the app. OneCart Products have been added to the app in addition to MA and SA products. The audios from the UnFranchise Media App is now on the UF Business App. It’s free and available in every app store in every market country.

Then, Steve just made a monumental announcement. Steve Ashley just announced that SHOP.COM has partnered with BitPay, the largest provider of bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services so that its UnFranchise Owners and customers can make online purchases using their cryptocurrency. Steve emphasized that cryptocurrency can lead to thousands of new customers that would have never been possible. Steve said, “There is a four-phase process to bring cryptocurrency to everything in the business. This was only the first phase.”

Business Building

JR Ridinger – Founder, Chairman, and CEO – and Andrew Weissman – Vice President – hit the stage to talk about the UnFranchise Business and its beginnings. According to JR, this business happened by accident. JR said, “We didn’t have anything. We had no products and you had to add up everything (BV) yourself. We didn’t have anything to sell besides belief and an incredible concept/idea.”

Both Andrew and JR said that this is the next chapter of Market America. Thanks to Zoom, you can just pop on a meeting from anywhere and show the plan. JR urged the crowd to just try it out and see what happens. After the evaluation process, there will be two questions: Are you right for the business, and will it work for me? No matter what, a recruit must see the plan three times before making the decision to join the UnFranchise Business.

The crowd then saw a live evaluation approach on Zoom. 12 entrepreneurs discussed the UnFranchise Business and their reactions after the first two parts in the UBP.  JR and Andrew then invited the group of UnFranchise Owners to the stage to discuss some tips and strategies they want to share with the audience.

All of the women expressed the importance of finding the right partners^. Do not waste time with people who waste yours. If they don’t qualify, don’t register their business. According to one of the women, the average person can do this business because of the proven principles and strategies put into place.

Power Profile

Siqi Bao closed the morning session with a Power Profile. She attended her first UBP in April 2018. She explained how this UBP inspired her to become an UnFranchise Owner.

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The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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