Day 3 Morning Session Of MAWC2022: Loren Ridinger, Elizabeth Weber, And Dennis Franks Tribute

Welcome to Day 3 Morning Session of MAWC2022. It’s the final day! What an event it’s been. But there’s still work to be done

Let’s get into the recap.

Business Building with Elizabeth Weber

Elizabeth Weber – International Field Chairman – told us all that “this year is going to be a great year” because she has a feeling! Elizabeth challenged the crowd to buy 7 tickets and come to Greensboro in August.

At first, Elizabeth was skeptical of Zoom. Since she’s a people-person, it was hard at first. However, she soon learned that Zoom could be used for the business, and Elizabeth has been using it ever since. Elizabeth’s three tips for the UnFranchise: Imprint, empower, and duplicate. What are the 3 most important ways to lead? According to Elizabeth, “By example, by example, and by example.”

Building relationships is an integral part of the UnFranchise Business. Elizabeth joked that “hi” has made her more money than any word in the dictionary.

Elizabeth brought out her teammates from “Team All In” to share tips and advice on Market America and the UnFranchise Business. Elizabeth then invited out “Zoom babies” aka new UnFranchise Owners to share their introductory experiences in the business.

Loren Ridinger

Loren Ridinger  – Senior Executive Vice President of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM – came out to thunderous applause from the crowd. Unfortunately, Loren was suffering from health issues, but that wasn’t going to stop her. Loren said, “If I can show up today, you can be there at International Convention.”

It’s all about making the commitment to yourself. According to Loren, it’s all about execution. We have to get out of the rut. We must rebuild our habits. Loren discussed how her friends Mary Floyd and Alexis Welch Stoudemire show that “a single second to make a decision to change their life.”

This presentation was interactive as Jim Winkler and Andrew Weissman interviewed UFOs in the crowd. They told Loren their “whys,” and Loren encouraged them to keep going. Loren said that she loves the “daydreamer who daydreams, and then takes action.”

“If you’re depressed, you’re living in the past. If you’re at peace, you’re living in the present. Live each day as if it’s the most important day in your life.”

Loren shared three ways to achieve success:

  • Build and gain enough courage
  • Get confidence
  • Never quitting

It’s ok not to be fine, but it’s not ok to do nothing. Loren wants to feel better, live longer, and be healthier. She wishes the same to the crowd. It’s time to take action and start doing what feels good to you.

Loren suggested doing the hard things first and foremost before the easy things. “Change comes down to a choice, and you have the opportunity to take a U-turn.” Start saying you are worth it. Things will start to change.

Loren brought up the tragic losses of Dennis Franks and Stacy Tung and how we all don’t know when God is going to call our names. “Lock yourself up and go to work on you,” Loren said. When you change your mind, you’ll find out that things start to happen.

Lauren and Katie Franks


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In the most powerful moment of the event, Nancy Franks, Lauren Franks, and Katie Franks joined the corporate team onstage to honor the late Dennis Franks. Dennis was the best of Market America. JR said that Dennis was just as responsible for the growth of this business as anyone.

Lauren and Katie started their beautiful presentation with a dance in honor of their father. They brought the crowd to tears with their inspiring words and thoughtful experiences with their father. Dennis was truly with us today.


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Power Profile

Marc Bernacchi gave an inspiring power profile speech. 

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