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Dennis Franks Australian Tour

Attending business building events is a great way to get (and keep) your business moving in the right direction. Not only do you receive invaluable training and tips, but it’s also a great opportunity for networking and team building. Attending events or having your prospects attend is an excellent way to introduce our business to new people. It will also help you cross-pollinate and leverage the incredible business we have to offer.

As an UnFranchise Owner now is the time to make plans with your teams. Start scheduling to attend the current GMTSS events scheduled for the remainder of the year – especially November, and here’s why…

November GMTSS Calendar – Featuring Dennis Franks

Dennis Franks – Executive Vice President of Market America will be doing an Australian Tour. Dennis is one of the most insightful and driven entrepreneurs, and throughout the years he has built a tremendous knowledge base. We are so excited for these events to Dennis implementing the most effective tips and techniques to ensure efficient and meaningful growth for your UnFranchise Business.

“The Power of Leading by Example can only be accomplished by making the decision to lead”

Do you have your tickets? If not, gather your teams together and spread the word because you do not want to miss these trainings.

*Search Dennis Franks in the search bar of GMTSS Events

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Jacqueline Ballard

Jacqueline Ballard

Marketing Manager for Market Australia