Dennis Franks: So You Want to be an UnFranchise Success Story

The difference between success and failure for UnFranchise Owners depends on the effort and the commitment of the entrepreneur. Simply put, UFOs will succeed if they begin with and master the Basic 5. UFOs who do not grasp this concept will be unsuccessful, plain and simple.

The road to success is not easy. That statement may come as a harsh reality to some, but it’s true. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. That being said, the days of the 45 year plan are disappearing in favor of the 2 to 3 year plan. Putting in the work as an UnFranchise Owner can change your life both financially and mentally. Do you want to be the next UFO success story in Market America?

Executive Vice President Dennis Franks shared his thoughts on succeeding as an UnFranchise Owner in this essay for UnFranchise News. Read and share his article.

So You Want to be an UnFranchise Business Success Story By Dennis Franks, Executive Vice President

“Success is something you have to pay for in advance.” This quote was shared with me by one of my original business partners as we stood side by side building our UnFranchise Businesses years ago. This article is to help you with the harsh reality of success and the joys of reaching your destination.

“It is June 15, 2019, and I am a Professional Coordinator earning a weekly commission of US$1,500.00. My life has changed dramatically for the better. I now work from home and have successfully set in motion a plan to become debt free. I see my children off to school each day, and I’m home when they return. I am confident that the future will only get better, growing through the success of fellow UnFranchise Business partners. My relationship with my spouse is better than ever, and life is good.”

Do you have your goal statement written out, and are you reading it daily? Do you carry it with you, and do you see yourself enjoying the outcome of reaching that goal? Have you set daily, weekly and monthly activities that will move you closer to reaching your goals? Have you selected the teammates you will work with to reach your goals, or do you have to recruit new business partners? Are you ready to take the responsibility for success, and pay for it in advance with laser-like focus and hard work? The good news is if you make that decision, success is sweeter than sweet because you initiated the process to become a hopeless success. You have the ability to make this happen. It is simply a matter of doing what successful UnFranchise Owners do. What? You say you don’t know what successful UnFranchise Owners do? Then let’s go through it.

The difference between success and failure in our business is that successful UnFranchise Owners did what the unsuccessful UnFranchise Owners did not do, or refused to do, beginning with mastering the Basic 5. The Two- to Three-Year Plan does not start when you register your UnFranchise Business; it begins when you start implementing the Basic 5. Gain attitude and knowledge by learning from all the available resources provided by Market America and from the Global Meeting, Training and Seminar System (GMTSS) by attending every possible event in your area and beyond. Write out your goal statement, and build an action plan to reach your goal by breaking it down into daily, weekly and monthly actions. Next, retail your Market America-exclusive products, and build a base of Preferred Customers who like to shop online. Your UnFranchise Business should be generating 500 BV and 200 IBV each and every month. You must work to be the example of your team or future team. Next, expand distribution by prospecting, recruiting and sponsoring worthy business owners. These are individuals who are well connected, have communication skills and want to earn more income or more free time. They should be coachable and driven individuals who you enjoy working with and are like-minded. Remember, it is about creating a team and creating organizational success stories who become your future leaders. Finally, follow up and implement the ABC Pattern of duplication. This is the process of duplicating our proven systems, and building an organization of UnFranchise Owners earning retail profits, and BV and IBV commissions and bonuses.

So you are thinking, what is this Basic 5 and how do I learn it? You have choices: You can learn it online, or you can identify your senior Certified Executive Coordinator, and he or she can conduct one for you. The Basic 5 or select components of the Basic 5 are taught at every GMTSS event.

Complete the mandatory trainings, which include the New UnFranchise Owner Training (NUOT), the Basic 5 (B5 Training) and the Executive Coordinator Certified Training (ECCT). Take each of them more than once. Focus on the fundamentals we call result-producing activities: 1) sell products; 2) take the Shopping Annuity Assessment and commit to building a Shopping Annuity; 3) sell the UnFranchise Business, 4) buy and sell GMTSS tickets to promote business education.

Really, is that it? No, one more major component, and this is one that only you can control: Take “massive action” when no one else is around. You can have all the education in the world, all the desire and want, be the nicest person around, but nothing will happen unless you act upon what you learn and do the things that successful UnFranchise Owners do. Successful UnFranchise Owners take action by implementing the result-producing activities and mastering the Basic 5. Forget the excuses, and find the reasons why you can make it happen. There is room at the top for you. Market America was built for the average person with the above-average desire to succeed implementing the proven UnFranchise Business Development Systems that are put into place when mastering the Basic 5.

Do something positive for your UnFranchise Business today!

UnFranchise Owner

UnFranchise Owner


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