Dritan Hodo: Prospecting and Business Building

This year at MAIC2022 Dritan Hodo took the stage on Friday for an information-packed presentation. He discussed the early stages of building his business and subsequent rise thereafter during what he called “Locker Room Talk”. It was clearly an inspirational, motivating, and captivating discussion.

The Executive team really loved this presentation and wanted you to watch it because it’s filled with tremendous insights which are fundamental aspects of UnFranchise success and growth. Watch this up-and-coming entrepreneurial superstar talk about how he built the business of his dreams while leading his team to unprecedented success.

Click here to access Dritan’s powerful Prospecting and Business-Building presentation within your UnFranchise Business Account. Share this with your team and empower them with these crucial insights from Dritan Hodo!

Alex Tauras

Alex Tauras


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