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Ditch the Diet for International No Diet Day

Chances are, you’ve tried a fad diet or two. We are guilty too! The promises that these diets promise are SO enticing – lose 10 pounds in just a week! These type of diets are called fad diets and that have one thing in common – they aren’t effective long term. So what does work for weight loss? A healthy lifestyle, that’s what! Here’s why you should ditch your diet.



Ditch the Diets

Why don’t fad diets work? Easy, they aren’t sustainable! Many diets are based on calorie counting and extreme calorie restriction over a period of time can be harmful to us. Plus, who actually enjoys counting calories? Fad diet are often extreme, which cause people to go on and off of them.

YoYo dieting can also harm your mental health. When we get off of a diet, we tend to blame ourselves. We cannot stress this enough: You didn’t fail the diet – the diet failed you! 

One last note – many of these trendy diets that promise the world often lack important nutrients, vitamins and minerals.




Why Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle is Key

Now that we have gone over a few reasons diets aren’t the best ways to maintain weight loss, let’s switch gears and talk about what will help you succeed!

Instead of depriving your body in unsustainable and unhealthy ways, consider a better approach to what goes on your plate. Rather than searching online for the best fad diet to do next, try searching for a program that offers both guidance, structure, and education!

Here are a few tips on healthy lifestyle changes:

  • Set realistic goals
  • Avoid “empty calories”
  • Eat a variety of foods
  • Incorporate exercise into your daily life – this doesn’t mean you have to exercise every day, but find what fits your lifestyle


Of course, if you need a little something to jumpstart the process, you can check out all of the customizable plans TLS® has to offer from a TLS® Flex Plan to the full 12-Week Program!

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April Laughlin

April Laughlin